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Revenge of the HD590?

So... my trusty HD590s had been gathering dust (or not) in a drawer for, umm, ages or so. Now just yesterday a little mod brought the output level of my tuner-driven BT928 down enough for even the HD590 to be usable at sane volumes with tolerable volume pot mistracking (I tend not to "crank it up" more than necessary), which I found out when I grabbed both this and the HD580 and compared with my usual HD420SL of yore (a model that may be lacking in extension on both ends but has rarely let me down in capturing the "soul" of music). Now the HD580 doubtlessly has the more convincing presentation with more even highs, but when contrasted with the other two it's just too cool and analytical sounding. The HD590 may have somewhat beefed-up bass and the highs appear to have some peak that doesn't make them entirely neutral sounding, but I found the upper mid recession to be far less bad than I remembered and the warmth to be all there. If I had to pick any of the two, it would probably be the HD590 (not for technicalities, but sympathy) - sorry HD580, but I guess the warmth issue is why there's the HD650 now. (Which still is #1 on my headphone shopping list.)
Let me reiterate that the HD590 is certainly not particularly neutral - my EQ'd HD540 comes close to that - but I'd consider it quite listenable and a welcome alternative to ye olde '420SL in terms of bedside-fi. Who'd have thought?

Edit: I can well imagine that "HD580-heads" may not be all that fond of HD590s, and in fact they typically weren't. Nonetheless, this model was sold for 5 years until the lineup was replaced, and finally when it was closed out around the $100 mark it was far from a bad deal for the money.
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Originally Posted by calgary2800
Thumping bass. Its just better balanced than the 595s. The 595s to me were just too weak with bass.
Yes, the 590s simply sound better and are much more comfy. The 595s look a lot newer, but in the end, me and several of my mates with 590s did a comparo and the 595s didn't come close. That's probably why the 595s are so cheap retail too...
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The HD 595 are much, much better balanced than the HD 590. There's no competition. The HD 590 may have their strong points but it isn't a balanced sounding headphone.
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The HD590's were one of the most comfiest headphones I'd ever heard aside from the MDR-F1's. I don't recall them being fairly neutral though. I found their sound sig to be a bit on the high end with a helping of bass in good measure. This made them really excellent gaming cans; easily driven too.

I know some people have complained of the high end being a bit Grado'ish, but I actually preferred them withouth the foam in the earpads, I guess I am Team Needelizers
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the greatest

I think its the greatest all arounder headphone if u are not using an amp
games, music, movies, it can do anything
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They are definitely the most comfortable headphones I've ever tried.

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comfort-wise there's just NO COMPARISON... 2 black pillows next to your head!! If i can do something about the highs i'll be happy... it keeps sounding as if the whole band is playing on stage but they placed the cymbal right in front of me... even with the headphile cable upgrade
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Where can I find replacement cables for the 590 on the cheap (less than $10, preferably less than $5)?
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IMO Better all around than 595...
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HD590 are great cans IMO. Never understand why they are so underestimated.
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Hey, Team 590!
Neutral they're not, but since when did that count? LOL. I still have mine, & use them from time to time (I'm more in IEM mode) - once I've settled down with the bass, the soundstage & intimacy of these phones still gives great pleasure. The top I've never had a problem with - too peaky/bright? Not IME.
Really nice for orchestral music too...

A Stax-owning friend hates them tho

And I'd trade them in an instant for K701s
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Head-Fi Member Soundgoon makes an excellent replacement cable for the 590's. I'm not sure if he still makes them but I really like the one he made for me and it was very reasonable. Not $5-$10 reasonable though, lol.
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The may not be the most balanced cans around but ultimately, like with many other cans, it comes down to whether you like them or not. And I like mine. They were bought for a nominal sum as faulty and even post-repairs they are held together with blue-tack but they sound great to me.

I am a bit of a 'treblehead' (if there is such a thing) and I love the sound and the comfort. Opera sounds particulary good through them.

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I don't want to be a jerk, but I bought a pair of these and they turned me completely off to sennheiser for 3 years until I bought a pair of 650's and regained the faith.
I will admit those 590s were damned comfortable...
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Does Accudio have a setting forĀ  the HD590?

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