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again, james was excellent, fast shipping, great communication

i've said it before and ill say it again, will do business with him anytime
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James is top notch!

He answered my questions pre-sale promptly, and made sure he understood what I wanted before accepting my money. After my payment was sent for my custom interconnect, I received it in less than a week. Arrived exactly as per my requests. The quality is top notch and at a great price, too. Sounds as good (if not better) than another interconnect I have from a more famous interconnect maker and at one third the price.

I'll definately be back for more.

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Got my Xiang Sheng 708B from James just yesterday. It's in "new" shape just like he said.

I would/will definately do business with again!

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I bought HP-2s from James. This is my second deal with him and yet another smooth transaction. Great communication, fast shipment, packed to withstand a 100 foot drop, everything a buyer would want! James is a great guy and an asset to the Head-Fi community.

Just in case I didn't make it clear, I would DEFINITELY deal with James again!

Thanks James...I'm so excited I now have the real deal HP-2s!

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another cable from cantsleep!

got the cable in TWO DAYS!!

edit - I'm ready to declare an official Team Cantsleep-Cables!
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Originally Posted by Advil View Post
another cable from cantsleep!

got the cable in TWO DAYS!!

edit - I'm ready to declare an official Team Cantsleep-Cables!
I'll join!!

Bought a 3.5 to RCA Mini-starquad cable from james. the service was excellent even when I forgot about the payment for a few days. Best quality cable I have ever seen.
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Feedback for CantSleep

Sold James a pair of tubes for the DarkVoice. Prompt, honest, no-nonsense dealing. Communication was excellent and payment was quick. A+++ buyer!
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Bought a pair of handmade RCA IC's from James. Very well made and sound great. AMAZING price and quick shipping. : ) Thanks!

Would buy from again in a heartbeat.
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bought a couple cables from him, great communication and fast shipping, would definately buy from again.
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Bought a pair of Grado GS1000 from James. He was great to deal with, and the headphones came very fast and packed very well. Thanks!
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I bought a lovely cable made my Cantsleep. James did a great job, and I'd buy one again! Good stuff, thanks.
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Got an HD650 cable from him, awesome to deal with
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I ordered two SPC ICs from James. Got them in just a few days....

I liked them so much I just orderd another Silver one this time.

Great work and advice for newbies!!!!
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Bought a mini-mini IC from James. Superb work!
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Bought a pure silver IC from cantsleep--couldn't be happier. These are a *great* product--and a nice guy to do business with.
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