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I baught a mini-mini IC from cantsleep. When it arrived, it seemed the left channel would cut out every once and a while, if the cable moved to much. When I got it I was using it on a desktop amp, so it didn't move, and was hardly ever an issue. However, I reciently moved to a portable setup, and it became a large inconvienance. However, even being over a month later, cantsleep was more than willing to custom tailor me a brand new cable. Both times shipping and communication were top notch, and I couldn't be happier with the way cantsleep handled things. I would definatly do business again!
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Got my mini to mini interconnect in about a week, and the price was definitely right. Would do business with him again.
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Just bought a mini to mini cable from James. Smooth, fast transaction and very prompt to reply to messages. Would do business with again. Thanks!
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bought a mini to mini cable. but now i've to wait for my go vibe 5 to arrive and than i can try the cable
but everything went great with this deal.
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oops. meant to leave a feedback and..
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Wow! Excellent Seller.

I bought a pair of K81DJ's from cantsleep a little while back and not only did he sell them for a great price but changed the cable length to suit my needs. He is a pleasure to deal with, great communication, and was shipped quickly. I would definitely do business with him again.
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James helped me out with some sleeving. He sent me a shorter amount at the bulk price. Fast shipping, and very nice person to deal with
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Another happy customer!
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Bought a pair of CM7s from him. He's a nice person and shipped them very fast.
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bought a couple of DIY cables. look good, got them within a few days. good transaction.
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I sold my UM2's to James, it's been a great transaction; PayPal-ed me the money quickly and always was quick to reply to my PM's.

Save to say, James is a trustworthy guy and a pleasure to deal with...
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Bought an RCA to RCA cable he made himself.

Seriously one of the fastest shipments i've ever gotten. excellent service, provided pics and was great with communication.

Would most definitely love to buy from again!
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Great seller. I purchased a headphone cable from him and just replaced my Grado cable. Great stuff. Fast shipment and great response time.

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Purchased a recabled Grado 325i from me. Sent payment immediately, and was very friendly in our correspondence. Great buyer, would gladly do business again.
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made me a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter!!

incredibly fast shipping, high quality cable, great guy!

don't hesitate when buying a cable, or selling cantsleep a product.

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