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camille, they look great! Black and pink go well together....
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That's an awesome colour, camille! Definitely a cut above all the usual clear, monotone customs we see. Do you have bright, neon pink skin?
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^I have that asian-type brown skin (being filipino wil do that)

It doesn't camoflouge like the skin colour/beige ES2s i had earlier. they're definitely noticable. there was an option of an opaque pink, but upon seeing the candy blue translucent colour, I could not resist in choosing pink of the clear variety!
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Congrats! I'm sure they look great when stored next to your Saved By The Bell box set

PS - The Bops sound fantastic on the ES2
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I came from another temporal space, but as the ES2 owners are hard to find I will ask a question here:


1-What portable hifi music player are the best for these superb custom? (Bellow 600$ player!!)




2-What affordable portable amp sound the best with them if you like DETAILS, soundstage, deepness, SUPREME BACKGROUND SILENCE, good instruments separation and warmest? This would be for an ipod touch wich I find to sound thin and dry.


For now I use them with the Hifiman Hm601 wich complete his warmest kinda of well but crave for the details it can't simply not give. All the lack of refinement of this player are particularly visible with these customs, even if they forgive alot...quite strange in fact.


I try the Westone with the Colorfly C3 and it wasn't memorable at all...as with the Ipod touch. Not bad, just not Memorable.


Thanks for the unknown savor that can help me!

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