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I own the heed canamp for many years now and the HD 600 is a good match (for my ears).

If i hook up the HD 600 on the Meier Opera i say it sounds fuller, on the heed canamp the sound is a bit faster.

It's a matter of preference, for instance i lisen a lot to the pearl jam live concerts and i like the signature for live concerts on the heed canamp with hd 600.

>For a studio album i prefer the meier opera with HD 650.

Also don't forget the source, a lot of people give there opinion of a combo without considering the source.

For the sennheiser cans i use my marantz cd6000 cd player. It has a neutral/bright sound. The combo with my denon dcd 755 ar is different.

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Hi guys,

I was thinking about a power cord replacement for my Canamp. Did anyone tried to change the stock power cord? Did you hear improvements or this power cord "upgrade" is completely useless for an amp?


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I would like to know about replacing the power cord also. I read on the RockGrotto board that the stock cord is 22 AWG and that appears to be accurate looking at mine. I will be DIY'ing my own from 16 AWG.

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I'm a newcomer here with relatively little experience in describing the sound of kit.So I wont try yet.


I am just running in a Canamp through pair of Grado 325is and can only say that at this early stage of the process, I agree totally with the OP's initial comments.



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Hi guys!

Dan here.  It's been a while since I last checked in.  Nice to see there have been a few new postings.  For those of you asking about replacing the captive power cable with something more substantial - YES! Doing this makes a nice difference but don't fuss around with the amp if you aren't absolutely comfortable with diving into such a project.

Some time ago I had posted photos of one such modification for a old customer of mine.  Here are the photos again: 

  The cable that was used in this instance was a 1.5M length of Acrolink 6N-P4030PC - with Oyaide 079 AC plug which is made up of a phosphor bronze base metal, plated with 24K gold and highly polished (from the manufacturer)


  Using such a cable required reaming out the original hole. Once done, a couple of layers of electrician's tape and heat shrink were applied.  As you can see in this detail, we used zip ties to lock it in place and for strain relief.  The little circular black disc attached to the side of the IEC socket is an Acoustic Revive QR-8 Quartz Resonator  There was also one placed on top of the transformer and one on the volume control switch at the customer's request.


  When everything was said and done, one has to question the logic behind a 550.00 power cable being used on a 480.00 item - but the proof is in the performance and our client is one who's well aware of the differences that cables can have in a system.  While I know there are some detractors to such thinking, I'll not debate you on this topic.  I'm simply answering some questions that have been posed here with how we went about it.


  Another look at the IEC socket assembly and transformer with the Quartz disc on top.  You might find this 6 Moons article about such things interesting : The Acoustic Revive Chronicles, Chapter 3

 A view of the entire Canamp.  The lid was also treated with some damping material (but I can't seem to come up with those photos. Sorry).

I hope you've all been well and look forward to seeing any of you that can make it to the upcoming SHOW in Newport, CA, May 31st - June 2nd.

Best regards, 



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I'd also like to share a nice article from Brian @ Audio-Head, writing for The Part-Time Audiophile.  Both Brian and Scot (the editor) contributed to the article about Heed's new Canalot headphone amplifier. 

Audio-Head meets the Heed Audio Canalot








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I got to borrow it from work together with an HD800, a Northstar Essensio dac and Tellerium Q black RCA's. I must say I'm pretty impressed but it's still a bit edgy, probably needs to play for a couple more hours.


But my first impressions are really good.

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Here is a video review about the Heed Canalot FYI:

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I've heard that the Heed Canamp sounds amazing (awesome sinergy) with the AKG 701/702, is it true ?


Sorry for the thread resurrection. Found the thread via a search.

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Hi Aldem,

Sorry it took so long for anyone to get back to your qquestion.
As a retailer who has supported the Heed CanAmp and other Heed Audio products, I can tell you that of all the CanAmps that I've sold over the years, the bulk of them have gone to AKG owners. Second place would have to be Sennies and third has been Ultrasone. Gotta say though, The AKG sales have been easily double that of the Ultrasone and there's a good bit of margin over the Sennies as well.
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I been working with the Heed Canalot and will be reviewing it with Kevin Venable over at and hopefull have it finished shortly. the Heed is excellent with all the headphones I used it with. it is powerful  and very musical at the same time . Very nice product.

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As owner of both a Heed Canamp and multiple sets of AKG phones, including (perhaps favorite) k501 headphones, I can testify to what a great match this is. It's not just the additional bass but the sense of drive that just seems effortless. I am a big AKG fan, but they really thrive on power. 

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I dont have any AKG in the house but so far it working well with the LCD X and XC,HD800,Alpha Dog and Focal Classic and also the Fostex tH900. I am pretty confident that it would be just as exciting as it is with the ones listed. An excellent amplifier and nicely manufactured.

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Originally Posted by Frank I View Post

I dont have any AKG in the house but so far it working well with the LCD X and XC,HD800,Alpha Dog and Focal Classic and also the Fostex tH900. I am pretty confident that it would be just as exciting as it is with the ones listed. An excellent amplifier and nicely manufactured.

Thanks Frank!
Yeah, I'm confident of the Canalot's ability to compliment an even wider range of headset choices. It really is a nice step in the evolution of Heed's headphone amplifier choices.

In my opinion, the CanAmp continues to be a really great choice in its price class and I'm sure there are other headphones that will run well off it. I am just speaking from what I've observed that people are using with this amp, due largely on comments made in this thread about it.
It will be interesting to see what preferences are made in headphone pairing with the Canalot. smily_headphones1.gif

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Hello everyone,

I am a new canamp owner,

I am still looking for a good set of headphones to go with the canamp. I have akg k272´s but I think they aren´t a great combo they are overly bright and lacking in the bass frequencies.

I considered Sennheiser HD650´s but I heared people say those don´t go well with the canamp, what does everyone think about that?

Are there any other good headphones for the Heed canamp? Or is the K701 really the way to go?

I was also looking at ultrasone and hifiman headphones, I am open for all suggestions for headphones that go well with the canamp, my max. budget would be the price of the HD650s though.


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