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And you didn't even use half a tank of gas doing it!
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LOL....I drive a '97 Dodge pickup with a left speaker that cuts out on me! It hauls stuff and it's "broken" in pretty darned good. I don't sweat rain, hail or any other threat to it's "looks". Heck, I've not washed it in 2 years now!! Best of all, it's paid for and insurance won't set me back a fortune. JMO but new autos are simply a waste of time and money. Talk about depreciation!!

Some folks get off on autos but not this old dude. My wife drives a Land Cruiser and my son drives a 4runner. The daughter has a Scion. Heck, everyone in the family has a nicer vehicle than dear old dad. It's gonna make that new custom oh so sweet though! Two wheels baby...that's where it is!
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Originally Posted by hembergler
wow..who said GM builds sh*T? pray tell what model?

or is that volvo or saab?
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An Audi

It was an '89 Audi 200 Quattro. A few months ago when my brother and I were driving one of the oil lines broke, spilt all over the place, and we just never decided to fix it. Not worth putting money into a car that old. I think it ended with ~260,000 miles all in all.
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lmilhan, I own a 1937 Chevy too. I'll post pics once I fix a few more things. Mines in much better shape though. It's at least driveable.
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Nice goin' with 260k! We've only once done better, an '84 Accord that went 347k, with little more than a fuel pump replaced along the whole way. Boy that car was a tank!

Here's my current, only 106k down so far (I blew 760 miles driving to, around, and home from LA last weekend):

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Slick ride Alex....more pics please, mate. Also, is that aftermarket bodywork? I've never seen a supped up Holden, so if you know of a good aussie forum for that lemme know.
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Nice SS Alex! Great to see some Aussie car love. Has yours got the 6L Gen.4 in it?
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My AMG 500 SEC

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just a standard holden v8 ute

they call it the SS Ute. ive done some engine work to it and lowered it a bit, they sit up real high normally.

www.ls1.com.au is a great site, tons and tons of pictures, look in the mulitmedia forum for the ute gallery, sedan gallery, wagon gallery, coupe gallery etc.

got no more pics at the moment, anyway its way too dirty to be photographed

edit: etherealapril: its the 5.7L, i got it almost two years ago now. making 267rwkw/690nm now though (about 350hp)
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Originally Posted by Pappucho
My AMG 500 SEC

Very nice indeed.
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my "weekend" car:

Used to have a blower on it, but I removed it a few months ago (along with some other related parts).

my beater/driver:
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