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TrippLite LS-604 - Any good?

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My workplace was throwing out a bunch of old IT gear, and I happened to spot a TrippLite LS-604 voltage regulator with spike & line noise suppressor. I asked if I could take the unit out of the trash bin and was told 'yes'. The on/off switch is a bit sticky, but otherwise it seems to be in working order.

Is this any good for audio applications? This one is in an metal industrial-type casing, not the 'wall mountable' version, although the model numbers are the same. Are they the same inside?

Any info is apprecaited. TIA.
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If it works, use it!
Tripp-Lite is one of the best units out there. (The other big one is APC.)
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i've been using the wall mountable version with on my Woo3 and it has helped a good bit with some hum i was getting in the right channel. it made a decent change with my CDP, blacker background and greater space between notes/microdynamics. all in all, for the price ($40 used from an IT warehouse place) it works really well.
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