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Got my SR80's, next step (?)

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Alright, I just got my SR80's yesterday in the mail and they sound great! Now I think I've been bitten by the headphone bug. I wanna get more!!!!!!!

Now, I won't necessarily be using the 80's for portable use all the time, due to their sound leakage and comfort issues. SO, I think I want to get a pair of buds or something for traveling and such.

I'm looking at the Senn MX-500s, e888's (a little expensive for me tho), or EX70's...maybe even Koss KSC-35's or 50's. One question of mine is: Are the MX-500's exactly the same as the MX-400's, except for the volume control, and can they be found in Canada (more specifically, Vancouver)?

I don't need TOTAL isolation a la Etys, but just something that will offer significantly more than the Grados. And of course, sound quality matters...
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well, the only earbud in that groupd that offers any isolation whatsoever is the EX70...which I love. If you make the proper modifications they can sound great.
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I'm with Neruda - the EX70 is the ONLY decent closed earphone available. cmoy has posted some mods in the library of headwize for the Koss Plug - but, generally, ppl say they still suck....

So - go for the EX70s.....
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I would go with Koss KSC 50, which replace the KSC 35. You can buy them at Best Buy/Circuit City for $15-20. I removed the foam
pads, they are still very comfortable and sound much better sans pad. IMO these are much better than any bud you mentioned outside of very expensive ETYs, very good bass performance. You may find these give your Grado SR80 a run for their money.

These are not earbuds, but over/ear clip headphone and would have some sound leakage just like the other buds you mention
that don't go inside your ear.
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I heard some ksc-50s, and a friends 888s, and I personally think its pretty rediculous that people get the 888s over the 50s unless they absoloutly HAVE to have the best ear bud in exsistance regardless of price. EX70s are understandable given that they block out noise, but otherwise, I say the 50s/35s.
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