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Serious WOW is like crack. I work with some wow nuts, it's crazy. They go home from work and play for 7 hours come in the next day late and talk about it all day. They have even gotten to the point where they use VNC to remote to their home system just to play. They use VNC cause they would probably get fired if management knew they were playing. If they aren't playing, they are on the forums. This goes on for another 9 hours and then they go home and do it all over again.

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If you have some self control, it's a lot of good, reasonably cheap entertainment. Really.

And if not, well...you've heard what happens.
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As an old-school pen & paper Dungeons & Dragons player, WoW is not an MMORPG. It is an MMOH&SG (massive, multiplayer, online hack & slash game). When "interaction" is between fixed scripted quest givers and other people who's idea of roleplaying is "LFG Raid on fenris/ talking head. Meet me on docks on island", then you are not roleplaying.

That being said: WoW has a $1.99 DVD that comes with a 14 day trial subscription. I bought it (I wasn't sure my 1GHz, 32Mb videocard eMac could even run the game, so I didn't buy the $30 full game), and played for 12 days. I got real tired of running around between quest locations. (every 30 seconds of combat is framed by 15 minutes of running to a new location) Also death isn't permenant, you don't lose money or objects when you die, so the game just got really really dull. Its like being a Cylon; death is a minor inconvenience.

Day 13 I just quit and went back to playing Fallout®
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WoW is one of the best games of recent times and yes its gotten alot of negative talk but mainly from those who dont play. I played once and stopped and havent played since.i got up to lvl 53 on my highest char. it was fun but got boring eventually.
its a good game but it does have its time consuming drawbacks.... then again you get that with any mmorpg you venture into and the effects of any mmorpg are shared. if you get sucked into one then you lose your social life slowly. no matter if its wow or not
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Originally Posted by yellafella321
after that my playing tapered down a little, but I was still plaing 6-10 hours a day
holy ****ing ****....that's "tapered" down? wow!
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harkamus' post is correct in almost every aspect
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I don't play, but I have seen several people I'm close to sucked into WoW. Yeah, it's just a game and they did seem to genuinely enjoy it. That's OK.

But it seems that "casual" play requires about 20 hours a week and the "hardcore" devote 8-12 hours per day.

Stop and think about that. If you want to talk opportunity costs, this is a good place to start. 20-60 hours a week at California's minimum wage translates to a range of roughly $7,000-$21,000 per year. It's not just money, either. Spending time with your family, friends, pets, etc. is very rewarding. So is learning a new skill or working towards an academic goal.

Thing is, if you drop 2,000 hours per year on a videogame, you get *nothing* in return. Yes, it's entertainment, but you take nothing away from it. Maybe you'll make a friend or two, but that's it. If one of you stops playing, you probably won't have anything to talk about.

If you're lonely and need something more in your life, get a dog. They're much more fun. Get a job, spend time with real people in meatspace, whatever. Just think about those lost hours. You only have so many.
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Make Love, not Warcraft.

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Originally Posted by Edwood
Make Love, not Warcraft.

It seems those two actions are very mutually exclusive.
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I bought the game recently, found it boring. You couldn't cheat
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you just have to keep your play time reasonable, in teh 2 years i've been playing, i've managed to only rack up about 30 days of playing time. and yes, i've raided, so you can do it on a limited playing schedual, but like others said, you gotta be careful, a few times i almost got sucked in to far, at those points i just stepped back spent a week getting caught back up on RL stuff, hanging out with friends and whatnot, and slowly inched back into playing, i probably play 5-10 hours a week now, usually a raid or some pvp for fun, if its not fun, i just log off and do something else.

the expansion should be interesting though, because from the looks of the changes, it will allow the more casual player more access to the pvp rewards, and possibly, raiding since raid sizes will drop, and there will once again only be 1 huge raid instance to clear per week, unlike the 4 that exist now that require 40 people.

cliff notes version: be sure to step back once in a while and make sure your personal life is still in order, then you'll be fine
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The game can be a fun past time, but like people said you can get carried away, especially at the 'end-game' level after you've maxed out your characters level. More so if you want high end gear, you will definitely want to join a guild that raids and that may be a huge time sink.

I was in a high end raiding guild; we were working on Naxxaramas (the last high end dungeon) a few months ago but since then I had to start grad school. There was no way I could keep the same time commitment so I had to quit. But I couldn't really stay away . I ended up resubscribing with another character that I level up slow and play from time to time. I think the game is a good escape sometimes.
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I wanted to edit my post but felt like no one would read it...so

what I meant by resources that a dedicated guild has that casuals don't is of course in game monetary funds...gold. We raided 6 days a week. Each day we raided, we spent close anywhere from 1000-2000 gold on consumables. We do have dedicated crafters, but some materials you just buy because you need bulk.

The guild was self sustaining. No one had to farm for gold.
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Originally Posted by antiant
wtf? where'd my post go?

part 3

Was probably deleted for linking to copyrighted material...
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Speaking of Guild Wars, here's what happens when multiple Gwens interrupt your dance session.

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