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I would say rather to first consider your personality. Do simple flash games hook you for hours on end? I know that the *only* game I played as much as possible was Diablo II (oddly, made by Blizzard). The single player campaign, I mean. That game was pure class, a masterwork in game making. I tried mp, and got bored after 30 minutes. Other than that I get bored with games very quickly (university has done this to me). So when my brother bought WoW and started playing, just to see what all the fuss was about I played around with his character, and again, I only lasted 30 minutes. It was ooooh, aaaaaah look at how cool the whole WoW world looks. Then I saw a rat and thought 'my time isn't worth this little'.

Also be warned that now is a little late to start, since most people are already at higher levels, and the newbie areas are pretty desolate. Almost like a ghost town.
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Im buying the expansion just to level my character 60->70 (the fun part IMO), not going to do time-sucking, pointless item grind

Whats wrong with the smileys btw?
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Too late. Bought it and installing it. So if you don't hear from me for days...

But at least I didn't get hooked by Oblivion or Civ IV. We'll see.
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I've been playing WoW since it came out, absolutely love the game and IMHO Blizzard is very dedicated to it (who wouldn't be with all the money they're surely rolling in).

As long as you take the game in moderation, it's fine... If you find yourself avoiding necessary things because of it, just take a break for a while. As far as the cost and time put in, I think a lot of people would say the same thing about audiophiles... To most, it seems pointless and doesn't feel like it accomplishes anything. It does, though... It satisfies you, makes you happy (at least for a while) and this is part of being human. You have to enjoy yourself sometimes (daily) and if you don't, well, you're going to be messed up.

Ah, and for leveling. For your first character, it will likely take you somewhere between 15 days - 1 month of /played time to hit 60, assuming you're somewhat dedicated. It only takes about 5-7 days /played if you know exactly what you're doing.

Let people bash the MMO players all they want, but I personally enjoy it as a HOBBY alongside headphones. I feel there is nothing wrong with gaming and it's just part of life as a whole for many people these days.
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Did you mean 15-30 days of normal playing or the ACTUAL 15-30days of play?

15X24 hrs = 360 hrs of play time??

PS: This game is installing so slow... don't know why... 5 discs, installing like turtle..
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/played time, so that literally means how many hours you've logged in game, running around, killing stuff and questing... It sounds like a lot, and in fact could be a high estimate. If you read forums and really get a good idea of what you're doing, you can easily do it MUCH quicker. It really depends on how you want to play the game. Just make sure you enjoy yourself
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Yeah, I don't like power levelling so much. Kills the enjoyment IMO.

I'd rather just take my time, take it easy, exploring around and getting pawned by a 12 year old kid first...
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if you can handle addictive games, then sure.. but i, as well as many others, was drawn into this blackhole of a game they call WoW.

it's fun, but after you play for so long, you begin to think "why the hell am i even playing this game 8+ hours a day?"

you'll get your new gear, and then something new will pop out, and then you will have to spend more time getting the new gear, and then it's just a never ending cycle... sometimes i think WoW developers are just trying to think of schemes that will keep people from quitting the game.

i admit, it's pretty fun when you level from 1-60... but then you start raiding, and then it's pretty much the same old rehash.
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I just installed the game and now it is currently downloading that huge update to 1.11.1

The intro movie is awesome, but is there an "end game" and other movies in this game?
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I have a sub-set of friends that play WoW. Tough going out with them sometimes. I don't know what the hell they're ever talking about because they're so often talking about that game. Pretty involved stuff. But they seem to enjoy it. And they've all got functional jobs and lives and such otherwise. More or less. Anyways, have fun.
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I was addicted for over a year, i'm so glad I stopped! I did have fun but found the game very boring/repititive after level 60.
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok
I just installed the game and now it is currently downloading that huge update to 1.11.1

The intro movie is awesome, but is there an "end game" and other movies in this game?
no other movies in game except for the psuedo ones when you select your class and race. WoW is one of the best games when you level from 1-60 question and doing all that stuff but it get's truly boring at lvl 60. Raiding is fun for a little bit but after a while it is a pain.

I wasn't a big alt guys so I had one lvl 60 and a couple of under lvl 30 characters. My lvl 60 was a rank 11 gnome rogue on the cenarius in a raiding guild decked out in tier 2 and aq 2.5 stuff. I quit the game after our guilds first c'thun kill because blizz really pissed me off with the bottle necks on content becasue their "hard" raiding content is so easy so they would make some encounter's impossible.

enjoy the game from 1-60 then the game becomes the same thing over and over again. You will have fun in deadmines it is one of the best encounter's ever most of the other lower instances suck imo.
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My brother plays WoW alot... He stays at home instead of going to a friends house, or he raids with some people he knows, and then goes over to their house to play some other game. He doesn't play 10 hours a day, and he's not fat, but he still plays way too much of it. I tried it, and didn't like it after a bit. I prefer FPS's.
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Do yourself a favor...do not play.

I purchased wow the night that it was released, and started playing pretty hardore. I reached lvl 60 in december 2004, and after that my playing tapered down a little, but I was still plaing 6-10 hours a day. Then, from july 2005-november 2005, I started pvp'ing pretty intensely, and ended up playing for 16-20 hours a day for 3 months until I reached Grand Marshal. Needless to say, my grades suffered, my social life suffered, and I suffered.

If you plan on getting any type of "good" gear, you will need to join a raiding guild which will consume your evenings every day for 3-4 hours just for raiding, then add in the time required to farm for materials for potions and such, and you will easily be playing 6-8 hours a day.

I highly, highly, suggest tha tyou stay away. You may not end up as addicted as I was, but it will easily eat a majority of your time.

Here is the link to my allakhazam profile before I stopped playing

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My friend has WoW, it's addictive thats why I don't have it. I also don't like the idea of pony up a monthly fee. I got Guild Wars and GW Factions instead, it's a great game, no monthly fees, you play it at your own pace since everyone is maxed at lv 20, you also can take computed hench to do quest or missions with you. I like this so far, I wouldn't bother with WoW even if it's better, monthly cost adds up specially if you switch servers or use expansion packs.
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