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Lets help Zach get rid of his Powerbook G4

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Ok, heres the deal, I've been trying to sell my powerbook for about 2 months now. At first I put it on craigslists with no real interest so I turned to ebay...bad idea. I got two deadbeat buyers. By that time over a month had gone by and the prices dropped significantly, so I went back to craigslist (current times). I have one offer for $900, which I think is too low. Here are the specs

15" 1.5ghz
1gb ram
5400rpm 80gb HDD
combo drive
ATi Radeon 9700

The thing is in mint condition and the battery lasts at least 2.5hrs with full wifi use. I also have the original box and cds/manuals. Is anyone willing to spend around $1175 or so shipped for it? Its really a great machine.
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Is that "Combo Drive" a DVD-ROM, not DVD-RW? I'm desparately looking for a new laptop right now...
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A combo drive is a cd-rw and dvd-rom drive in one. It does not burn dvd, but it does burn cds much faster than a dvd-rw drive and the read speeds are faster as well. If you dont really need to burn dvds on the go then external dvd burners go for less than $100 retail.
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