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Opinions on Grado System. (Darkangel please comment)

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I have a pair of RS 2's I'm auditioning for the week. They'll be used with an panasonic sl-570 and RA-1. My current phones are the SR 80's. (with straightwire)

I've noticed that the 80's are only slightly improved by the RA-1, but suspect that RS'2's (or RS-1) probably need the control that the amp offers.

Unfortunately, these are new in the box so I don't know If I'll hear them at their best by week's end. If I don't feel its worth the
$$$'s then plan to exchange them for a pair of 225's.

Thanks for your comments.


PS: Darkangel I see your running almost the same system, so I'm interested in your thoughts.
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Grado opinions

I guess I should clarify that rambling post.

Do you think RS-2's are overkill for a portable (in house) system.

...........time to pass out. Anyone?

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I think that the Grado RS-2 is overkill for a portable system. I've had a decent CDP (Marantz CD6000 OSE) and decent interconnects (Silver Sonic BL-1) before I listened to my RS-2. I'd suggest, though, that you still get the RS-2 (which is a great headphone), and plan on upgrading your source in the very near future.
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Any Grado will sound good directly by portable CDP, I have RS2 and SR225, however the RA1 amp really makes them sound noticeably cleaner/more detailed with better 3D resolution.
I am using the Straightwire cable also, observations below are
when using Pan CT470 portable and Grado RA1 amp.

If you are comparing the RS2 to SR225 (have not heard
SR80 but lets assume SR225 is superior) the SR225 is slightly
leaner/cleaner sounding and has slightly more detail in the treble. The RS2 is slightly fuller/richer/more 3D sounding, seems to have more reverberant sound sound quality. Overall RS2 is preferable
to SR225 but costs 2.5X the price.

If you search around (e-bay, yahoo shopping, sound seller etc.) you should find SR225 for $160 or less and RS2 for $375 or less. Obviously I like the RS2, but value wise the SR225 or one of the Senn HD600/580 gives more bang for the buck.

Actually honestly I feel the Senn HD600 at $275 or less and Senn HD580 at $160 or less is even better buy for you since you already have the Grado RA1 amp (Senn 600/580 must be driven by amp). The sound is more relaxed than Grado, and comfort level is unbeatable. I own both of these also.

If you don't already own NiMH rechargeable 9 volt batteries and
wall charger get these right away for Grado RA1 amp, much better than old NiCAD batteries.
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Thanks guys. I'll continue to run the phones 24/7 and listen until some clear differences show up.

Dan, I like keeping the phone system simple and portable (no ac cords). My main rig is where I indulge some tweaking and complexity. (tube rolling, vibration isolation, etcc..)

DarkAngel how do you like the Bel Canto? I'm tempted as my CDP is an Ancient beast.

That system:

Micromege Stage2 CD- Audible Illusions Pre- Conrad Johnson MV52 Amp - Meadowlark Kestral Hotrods.
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I bought the Bel Canto Dac 1.1 because I have huge library of mainstream alt/rock CDs, and this upgrade has done more than any other to produce enhanced CD sound that is smooth and grain free in the treble. Bel Canto has unique slow roll-off filter that works wonders removing hard/grainy treble many mainstream CDs have. SACD and DVD-A still many years away from being viable option for mainstream rock.

Also the Acoustic Zen Mc2 digital cable is untouchable for quality
of sound in the $300 or less range.

I see you like to listen through the bottles, what a crazy hobby this is. You can buy SOTA upsampling DAC and then run it through
tube tech from the 1950s and get great sound......
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