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Show us your desktop

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1440x900 . Resized to protect the innocent.
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I would post my desktop but it changes every 15 minutes. All high res photos I've codged.
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Team Girl-Fi !!

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Kramer, that made my day!

I'm glad to see you're getting her off on the right foot, exposing her to the Grado sound!
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Originally Posted by dbfreak
Image snipped
That's a nice Windowblinds theme.

Here's mine, I need to change the icon set for the application icons, but the folders are good.

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This is juat my primary monitor. I have another one that I run at 1280x1024, but it's only for IRC. Mmmmmmm, IRC.

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Simple, useful, and the picture makes me happy. Taken by the one I love.

Warning, clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a 1600x1200 desktop.

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