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Grado SR-325 Initial Impressions

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Just received them a few days back.

Most of these impressions are in comparison with Sennheiser HD-580's (with HD-600 balanced drivers)..

First of all, I am very happy with the Grado's. The SR-325 sound great, a little brighter than the Sennheisers. Not laid back like to Sennheisers. The sound is difference, less soundstage but with more detail.

The biggest advantage I find is that the Grado's other than the sound is the portability in comparison with the Sennheisers.

The biggest disadvantage for me is that I find that the comfort level sucks with the Grado's, especially the leather headband, it is just not soft enough for me. I might try to put some padding to make them more comfortable.

The Sennheisers, on the other hand have more soundstage, and the sound is more transparent, and they are extremely comfortable.

So all in all, Both are great headphones so I will keep both.

Nothing here that has not already been said in the past...
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You can bend the headband to give it some more comfort. There are also some earpad's that could help you out.
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If you can bend them the same way you can ben the SR60s, you probably can make them massively comfortable, the trade-off being how easily they slip off your head.
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from listening to my rs-2's lately... i've been finding the soundstage more accurate than acctuality my 580 jubilee...

compared to my kef speakers, or my monitor audio's through my marantz, i find teh soundstage alot more realistic on my grado's with the ra-1 or my ta/w crossfeed on...

I find the senns tend to exaggerate and even place instruments perhaps in the wrong spot, however i'm sure the akg 501's are like that too...
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