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Well I did exchange email with Norbert and his reply is kind of slow so I went ahead to exchange for the amp. Guess what, even the replacement amp is having the exact same problem. Now I'm really in doubt of the quality of their amp, 2 amps with the same exact problem, how could that even be possible.
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Well, Lehmann is a company with a good track record which they will wish to maintain. Norbert Lehmann writes on this forum from time to time. Why don't you PM him?

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Well I think It should most likely to be a batch problem and I could easily said that I just got the problem batch, pure unlucky and I really think there is no reason for me to exchange for a new set as it is quite clear that history will repeat itself. I think as of now I should exchange for a non usb set and hopefully it will be fine... Finger cross!
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My fingers are totally crossed for you. I wish that I more electrics-savvy and could advise you. Could the problem not be somewhere else in your chain?

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Thanks amictus, well I also hope that I can fix the problem on my own as well.
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