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I bought one oakley watch and I think they're worth it, the quality is just better but I like all oakley products and think it's worth it to splurge on oakley products over everything else.  I need a little help with watches tho.  My girlfriends birthday is coming up and I need to get her something awesome and I was thinking a watch, but I know nothing about womens watches.  I was looking around online last night and found this site http://www.squidoo.com/best-womens-watches-for-the-money and I really like the look of the michael kors brand, the mk 5145 model but I was hoping you guys could let me know what your experience has been with michael kors and what your suggestion would be if michael kors isn't the way to go?  any advice would be great!

Checkout the watch thread in the following link:



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I like Fossil watches.
Call me meshugas.wink.gif
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oakley watches are ugly in my opinion. 

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Designer watches are not worth the price.

I used to sell used omega Cartier and rolex and they all retain good value.

I brought a £300 diesel watch and when i tried to sell it the most that was bid on ebay for it was £30 and it was in great condition.

If you buy a designer watch be sure to buy it second hand then again i would advise the same on a good watch as well.

A good watch is something that you can hand down and is always worth something.


That said i love the look of the minute machine and the timebomb looks amazing

There is no way i would pay £700 for a designer watch though and its annoying they used titanium for the MM as steel

would be a nice weight. I have seen a article on replica MM and they look as awesome as the originals.

On the plus side as stated before me you dont buy a designer for the movement.


Today i found a website watchesloveu that do replicas that look good.

The reviews are sketchy and i believe the company is from china but at £150 for a MM instead of £1200 rrp or £700 online

I would be happy with the watch and if not it would be going back the time bomb they have looks very nice but i cant excuse buying two watches

i will be buying the MM next week from them then we shall see

if posting about replicas is not allowed please just remove this paragraph thanks.


fossil do have nice watches for the cheap price i like the gunmetal one with dark wood face

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