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need help with cord noise

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my current favorite headphone without an amp is the sony d66 eggo. they are extremely comfortable, provide good isolation, and sound just right with my md unit.

one problem exists: cord noise.

if the cord rubs against a zipper or even my shirt, i can hear it over the music in the left earcup. it is very distracting.

i have tried wrapping the cord in a small section of heat & shrink tubing from radio shack. i have tried wrapping the cord in a section of earplug foam covered in the shrink tubing. the only thing that seems to work is looping the cord through the earcup fork, but this could damage the cord from pinching and pulling at an unusual angle.

does anyone have any helpful suggestions on how to get rid of this cord noise? tia.
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So you are having trouble with acoustic noise being transmitted to the driver housing, and not electronic interdearance? That's kinda tough. Perhaps if you paded the cord somehow. you could try wrapping it in cloth and putting electrical tape around it. it would add a lot of weight to the cord as well as making it look, well, gheto... But if helps maybe it would be worth it. I guess you should just eperiment.
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yes, it's physical cord noise, not electrical. i already tried a foam wrap covered with the heat-shrink tube, sort of like what you suggest. i refuse to use tape: i hate adhesive. it actually looked okay, but didn't do the job (which surprised the hell out of me). i've also experimented a lot, and nothing i have tried that won't hurt the cord has worked yet.
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i had that with an old pair of labtec headset, left side was static unless i looped the cord back over the ear peice. think its just a wire short or something inside the phone itself. try taking it apart and re-soldering stuff more firmly.
edit: yes, labtec build quality is ****, even if the axis-002's are nice sounding. had to resolder a wire in them at least twice while i had them.
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There's some cloth wire covering kind of like techflex but cloth...let me see if I can find it.

edit: I can't seem to find the link where I saw it before, but I'll keep looking around, maybe I'll stumble on it again. Sorry.
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HI: You could send them to fixup and have him put a new cord on them.
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actually it is just the cord rubbing against cloth or a zipper. the electric connection is solid.

mlchang and ltucci,
thanks, i'm open to any suggestions. i don't know if this requires a cord swap, though (or if that would even work).
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Well.... maybe if you attached some weights to the driver housings the extra inertia would keep the vibrations down... But since you don't want to do that, maybe you could eperiment with cushier pads that won't allow you to hear the vibration?

Oh here's an idea for how to isolat the cord from the driver.. get a small plastic cone with a hole in the tip, slide it over the cord to the driver housing, then atach some foam matirial to the edge of the cone that touches the drive and attach it to the driver. then push a little slack in and sucure the cord to the inside of the cone's tip. I know this is pretty far out, and it might look bad, and break off and stuff... but it would work, in theory. (can you tell it's my bed time?) Oh well, good luck.
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