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Yeah, there's a great bunch of kids over here...extremely helpful, low on the flames and other bad stuff that can ruin a good forum. Same as FutureProducers.

The one thing I have learned over here and at FutureProducers is that, if there is a good forum dedicated to your hobbies, they can swallow quite a bit of your time

As far as being useful in this tread (Sorry for the attempted hijacking, Amanda!), one of the things I look for in DJ cans is resolution. Accurate decay is needed to match up the highs, while good lows help out in hearing the beats hitting together. Some headphones I have used (DT-770, V-600) are more "warm" and "musical," which may make them a bit sloppy in regard to getting tracks matched up tightly. More detailed, and what others may say "clinical," cans (V-6) will be less smooth and make everything stick out in its own space. This is good, because you can pick-and-choose what you want to listen to, instead of trying to extract exactly what you want to hear out of a song from all its components.

Ehh, hope this helps. Keep that wax spinnin'!
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Well, there are already single ear DJing headphones. I think Sennheiser makes a stereo one where the left ear can even pivot out of the way. Seriously, one ear monitoring is of little concern to me. So far, I've been monitoring double ear. Also, cuing, pre-fade levels, and master monitoring can all be done over the phones. The only time you need to take them off is to check the loudspeaker's sound and to do realtime effects & fades. Right now, I'd have to say comfort is most important. Lots of distributed headband cushion and deep earpads. I cannot stress to you how important deep earpads are. Sony V700, V6, Pioneer 1000/5000, Technics, and even the Ixos MOS DJ1001 skimp on earpad depth. Actually, single side monitoring begs for deep cushions, because you press the piece to the ear. They can’t be too heavy, but if the other aspects are taken care of this is a bit flexible. After comfort is sound. The Ixos have better sound than the others, but like all the others aren't as comfy as they could & should be. They also have a mono/stereo switch which I think only the Pioneers also have. Also important is power handling. They must be capable of at least half a watt without distorting or blowing out (Ixos: 3 watts). Impedance should be lower than 100ohms, and preferably between 30 and 70, which is what most mixers' headphone jacks are rated at. Sensitivity needs to be in the hundreds, preferably 103 to 107, with anything over 107 dB probably being overkill. If you get into the 120's they may be too sensitive, requiring the volume to be so low that the volume pot begins showing balance problems. The cord needs to be coiled. As long as looks aren't too extreme, dorky, or butt-ugly, they're really a distant concern for me. Considering how problematic all the other issues are, I might just wear a Mickey Mouse commemorative headphone with big ears if it met all the other requirements. :-) I think if the Ixos DJ1001's earpads and headband cushions were replaced with different ones (they look removable), that'd be the perfect DJ can.
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