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question for DJs

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Hi! My name is Amanda. I'm a student at Cal Poly SLO and am doing some research for my Senior Project. I have a couple questions for anyone that spins, mixes, scratches, etc...

What feature of your headphones do you like the least?
How would you change it?

What is the best feature of your headphones?

I would definitely appreciate any input from anyone.


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I use the Sony MDR-7506 when I dj. The best feature is probably their reliability coupled with the fact that I don't have to worry about blowing them when using my Rane mixer (very powerful amp.) They are somewhat bulky and heavy and the pleather pads they come with are pretty crappy (imo) although I changed that by replacing them with the Beyerdynamic pads. I suppose the other thing that could be improved is comfort for extended use.

Hope this helps.

Out of curiosity, what's your project?

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I should have been more specific... My project involves the PHYSICAL aspects of the headphones. I'm talking about comfort, ergonomics and ease of use. It doesn't involve the sound technology. More like... what would you like to see improved when you have to have one ear listening to the booth and the other to the outside monitors... I know it's a bit awkward to have one side covered and the other not.

Hope this clears it up a bit. Thanks again for your input!!

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I went over some physical aspects already... Other than what I aleady mentioned I can also tell you that they are built very well.

Other than that I don't find it awkward to have one ear uncovered because their band bends easily enough to be able to do that... besides I don't often use mixers where I have to listen to a booth speaker (I can mix w/in the headphones themselves.)

BTW: I have no idea what you mean by "ease of use" -- plug in and put them on? Oh and again, what is your actual project? To design dj phones?

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comfort = velour(sp) > pleather,
my HD-497's make my ears feel raw after a few hours, not extreme, but enough to make me take them off and rub my ears on shirt/bedsheet.
also, feature wise, folding is nice, single side cord is very nice. etc.
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The flexibility of the headband is important. Sometimes I like to use both earcups while mixing so I don't think those one-sided things are very good. However, you need to be able to move one of the earcups out of the way, but still keep the cans on your head thus headband flexibilty must be right. Tight enough to keep the things on the head, but easy to move around on the head. I think that this also comes into play with on/off cycles. Gonna go mess around with my headphones and see what else I can think of.
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Neutrality. I have no idea how people properly mix beats (when using band-cuts) with highly colored headphones.
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No one with a vote for stylish looks yet? where's magicthyse?!

I'll bet looks actually does rank up there somewhere. I don't really DJ myself, but if I did I imagine the swivel could come in handy. Also foldability for portability and the mechanics of the folding and ruggedness of the build would count for a lot. For me, isolation would be a pretty big factor too.
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Originally posted by LobsterSan
No one with a vote for stylish looks yet? where's magicthyse?!
oh you definitely know he'll be here. be ready for his 1000 hour speech on it when he does come though .
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I asked my friend who spins hard house this question and he said that weight and deep bass from a small size with nice isolation was most important to him. Also it needs to clamp tightly. He really hates large headphones and style doesn't seem to appeal much to him. No one will be staring at the DJ when its all dark and they're drugged out.
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Thank you, Everyone, for your input!
Just in case it's still unclear... This is my Senior Project for school... one of the graduating requirements. Ultimately, I want to redesign headphones, specifically for DJs so they can mix, cue, etc., without having to hold one side with their shoulder or a hand. I know there are some headphones that allow you to put one side kind of at the back of your head, but it doesn't seem secure enough to me. I've only spun a few times (I'm still learning!) but that part was kind of frustrating to me.

My major is Industrial Engineering and I'm concentrating in Human Factors and Ergonomics so the headphones challenge really interests me. Plus, I'm a really huge fan of Electronic music (I will always be a true TranceKid =P ). This is my way of trying to give back a little to the DJs that have entertained me for endless nights.

In the end, I hope to have a working prototype for at least one design.

Thanks again! Please keep your ideas and input coming!!

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for the prototype, just pull some drivers out of a pair of V6's
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The way people use headphones also depends on the mixer they use. You can't always listen to more than one source in the headphones. Some mixers (such as the legendary Urei's, Bozak's, and Rane's) don't let you cue more than one channel at a time. They are however considered some of the best mixers in the world (hence the price.)

Try posting your question here instead:

BTW: there are headphones that have on ear piece to begin with. Grandmaster flash had his 7506's modded that way as well.

At leas that's what I think those are...

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gene-pool, what's up man! It would appear that my props to Head-Fi on FutureProducers paid off Nice to see you here...

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gene-pool, what's up man! It would appear that my props to Head-Fi on FutureProducers paid off Nice to see you here...

</useFULL posting>
Yeah man! Thanks for the great tip.

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