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I tried mine with the AKG velours pads - liked the pleather better though. So I guess it will be new stock pleather pads for my 240M. I won't use it all day long, so the extra comfort isn't worth a tradeoff in sound.

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AKGs on the rod.


AKG Kx01 on the rod.jpg

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Oh, and they sound very different, I should add. The K701 was a bit overexposed in this dark company, so let's give it a fairer view:


AKG K701a.jpg

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AKGs on the rod.


AKG Kx01 on the rod.jpg

short comparison, and who is your favorite? Tubes or SS?

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Not sure when this happened, but AKG's website now quite prominently features some vintage headphones – the nowadays uber-popular K 180 has made the front page. In a timeline article, they take time to mention in detail the K 50, K 120 Dyn, and K 1000 as well, and give a footnote for the K 140 and Sextett ("the famous K240s").

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AKGs on the rod.


AKG Kx01 on the rod.jpg

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short comparison, and who is your favorite? Tubes or SS?


Interesting question! And the answer is, if you have some patience:







K301 is out of the league, despite its interesting driver design:


AKG K301 driver.JPG


When I retire I'm going to explore how much better the K301 can get with modifications (there are many things to be done).


The K401 is a bit too bright for my taste. Then again, there may be improvements to be made.


The K601 and K701 are interesting but have some annoying midrange colouration. They sound  distant and a bit much like a transistor radio (any of you old enough to know what I mean?). I have not given them enough listening but usually my first impressions are reliable, burn-in won't change to that degree.


Now the K501 is a tricky one. Don't know if the stereo panorama is realistic or artificial. Not as immediate as the K500, leaning more to K601 and K701. Definitely gonna give them a new chance this summer.


Amps are all from cmoy to capable transistor and tube units, including mu trusty Dynaco Stereo 35 (10 solid valve watts). Amps improve reproduction but perform no miracles to sound signature.


So there you are. Here's a pic of the present AKG head time leader:


AKG K500 black.jpg

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thank you kind sir... feel like sniping some K500... which are way to rare to find anyway...

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The K501 and K400 are quire rare as well. I own both and it took me a while to find them.

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Today I pulled out my 501s out of curiosity and thinking about putting them on the for-sale market.  Hooked them up to iPod Classic (classical lossless) > Solo > ALO Continental and my goodness the soundstage, separation and imaging are so amazing!  They sound so good.


I went over to the IEM side of things in the past couple of years or so, primarily because of a heavy travel schedule.  I got into JH Audio 13s and finally the 3A/16, so I was wallowing in bass (good bass, mind you).  So, coming to the 501s made me realise how the bass is much more controlled, if you like.  It's there but not so prominently.  The 501s have always had the reputation of being "bass-light".  They are, but not in a bad way.


I like what I am hearing with the 501s.  I feel a little guilty of having sequestered them in a draw for over two years.....  I'll hang on to them for a while, I think.

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I have a K450 for portable use, have had it for about six months, and i love it. There's a robust cleanliness to the sound that draws me in. It has got me curious about what other AKG cans I might like. Any suggestions?
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Like, what's up with the AKG K-340 - why the legendary status?

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Only K240S and K422 for now.  Hoping to add a Q701 and K550 before the year is out.

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I had K240 Studio but gave them away a few months ago, only because I had too many headphones around. But I did really like them, and I'm thinking of getting a new pair again.


However, my new (to me) K240 Sextetts came in today, and so far I love them. I've wanted a pair like this for awhile, and a good deal popped up, I'm making some money, they're in good condition, so I had to jump on them. I'm glad to be back with some AKGs. I like AKG a lot, and I'm hoping to maybe get the K701 in the near (probably not so near lol) future. I've missed having an AKG around.

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I have the AKG K240 MKII....they were my introduction into the hi-fi world and I still have them, although only recently have I stopped using them for Denon D2000's. I did try the K271's (mkII I believe) and they were good but not what I was looking for (they lacked the bass that I wanted).

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K500 K340 K701 K240M K240EP....

I think it's difficult for me to drive a K1000 well...so....I don't buy it...

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