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Originally Posted by bonethugz
k601, k81dj(i couldn't resist, y'all happy now! ) and k26p

My kind of guy!
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Love the AKG house sound!

Smooth & Sweet, my K701s are perfectly comfortable for long listening sessions, like I like it! (must look into the AKG K81DJs)

Suggest Team AKG deserves a dedicated smilie!!! They make me smile;=}
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YEEAAAHHH K81's who needs anything else when youv'e got these
to keep you groovin! I have others but they don't get a listen anymore ..
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K240s, Old school 240sexttet and K340 X 3
With K1000's on my short list.
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Me too!

AKG K271S owner here... by far, my favorite cans. Leaning heavily towards the K701's....

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I own:

K1000 - amped with the Pass Labs Aleph 3, these are my favorite headphones of all I currently own or have owned.

K340/w velour pads - Have a very smooth sound and a magical midrange. Although I do enjoy them, the jury is still out as to if they will stay in my collection or not.

AKG K81 DJ - Love them for when I need a closed portable solution. I use them with the foam inserts removed. I still have comfort issues with them (and yes, I employed the 'tong' stretch technique). If they don't loosen up enough to where I can wear them for more than a couple of hours without discomfort, they go - which is sad, because I really like the way they sound.

have owned:

AKG K701 - Sold them because their sound signature just didn't 'do it' for me - was a bit too laid back for my tastes. I also just couldn't get past the 'iPOD toilet white' color scheme, YUCK! Normally I am only concerned with the way headphones sound, but I have to make an acception in this case - holy crap these things are fugly. Among my collection of other headphones they looked like a big white turd floating in a punchbowl. PLEASE AKG: change the colors of these things A.S.A.P. I might even give them a second chance if they had a version that was in a black or grey non-glossy finish.

No offense to K701 lovers BTW, beauty (as they say) is in the eye of the beholder.

I digress.

Yeah I think I qualify as an AKG fan, but I certainly don't consider myself as being 'elite'. I think 'insane' would be a better adjective to describe my condition/affliction when it comes to headphones and headphone related gear.

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Own: K701s
Trying to get: K340s
Want to checkout: K81DJs
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Count me in Too!

Love that 701, Not to laid back for me. Best bang for the buck in my mind, yes shallow as it is!
Will own one day the k1000!
Ouch.... it will sting
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I love the AKG sound, K1000 and K501 in the past...

And briefly auditioned the K601...

But I don't have any of them right now.

But I still do love them.

Does that make me an elitist?
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K701 and K340 (two pair of these)
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Didn't we do this a year back? Oh well, I suppose an update is in order.

Own: K340, K81DJ
Previous: K271S, K240S, K26P
Want: K1000
Heard: Pretty much all of them, though I am still waiting to hear the Sextett and/or Anniversary Edition K240's as well as the K4 and the K145/S.
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K340 with velour pads.
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Have a pair of K501 and loving them.. Next pair of headphones will prob be a pair of K701 so count me in!
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Owned (in order):
K501 - didn't have sufficient amp at the time to drive them
K1000 - near perfect, but too bright in my system at the time
K340 - nice, but moved on to other cans
K340 (same time as other)
K1000 - still too bright in that system
K270S - nice inoffensive closed can
K1000 - finally got the right system, but too open for NYC apt
K1000 (backup pair same time as last)
K26P - 1st gen, good sound, but not convenient for my usage
K81dj - great portable sound, but too uncomfortable

Still own:
K270S (boxed up, not used in a bit)
K1000 (one near-new backup pair in box, not used in months)
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Originally Posted by jpelg
K1000 (one near-new backup pair in box, not used in months)
Poor little things... they need air!
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