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Give me a little bit of time. I dig them so far though, much more than I did under brief meet impressions.

I really missed this kind of texture in the GS1000.
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K701 here ^_^
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I have no idea what's going on with the boards!!!!!!! another duplicate deleted. SEE BELOW. !!!!
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Duplicate post, deleted.
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AKG K81DJs........The very 'best bang for buck phone' I've ever owned, ever.....

My first reaction upon first hearing the 81s was..... "OMG!". I'd never even expected them to sound as half decent as they were. Hand down, THE BEST purchase in headphones I've ever made. TOTAL VALUE FOR MONEY!
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k601, k81dj(i couldn't resist, y'all happy now! ) and k26p
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yeah k1000 but havent listened to them yet..does that still count??
701's i like the sound...501s great vocals but after the 701s came....no use
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K240S -- loved them -- much prefer the open circumaural headphones agains the Shure E3c and E4c I've been using before.
K271 -- if i didn't have the 240, i would have thought this was great -- i just don't like the closed sound. i should really sell these
K701 -- the discussions here convinced me to go with these -- one day, I'll actually AB the HD650 and Beyer, but for now, I'm *very* very happy with these cans.

I also have the Beyer DT271 headset, and I definitely prefer the 701 open soundstage.

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I used to dig the sound of my friend's K501, but that was before my K701 burned in. Does that qualify for team AKG? Or am I only good for team K701.

My friend also has the K81DJ, but I like my tak modded A130 better.
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I love my k501s and I found if I listen in the transformer mode with my ASL OTL MK 111 they really do have bass!
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K340 here, In!
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Just orderes the K81 DJ!
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K81DJ w/pad removed - outstanding little suckers
K701 - newly acquired, love them, already have recabling plans for 'em!
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Report to the bridge.
Own K340.
I wish I own all AKG model but this wallet just can't take it anymore.
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Originally Posted by VR6ofpain
I noticed another member of this team of ELITES. Who else is a member?

membership requirements are as follows:
-digs AKG house sound

Oh goody! Do I qualify? I have AKG K 601's, K 81 DJ's and K26P's - all of which get regular use (in one particualr aspect mind you).

Of course, I also own Sennheiser HD280Pro's and Shure E3c's, but I don't really care for the Senn sound, and the Shure's are for air travel only (at least, until I can try the K 81 DJ's).
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