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Originally Posted by hypervoice View Post

I am looking to buy the AKG K240 Studio, but I saw several review on Amazon say that they break easily. Can anyone confirm the durability of these cans?
owned them for over a year now. A few days ago a girl kicked my headphones out of my hand for whatever reason and they hit a wall. The outer plastic cover on the housing fell off, and I got a look at the thickness of the housing... Hooooly fek. These are pretty tankish in all reality.
I then snapped the plastic cover thing back into place, yelled at the girl, then carried on with my day.
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Originally Posted by ericj View Post

Yeah that's not really how you do it. 

You get something like these: 


Obviously that's a pack of 50 and from amazon - get something similar (thin, black, no metal) from a local store. 

And then actually replace the elastic. Yeah you'll need something like a tiny flathead screwdriver to pop the badges off, and a #1 philips to take the caps off, and a #2 to loose the headband from the cup so you can loop the new elastic through. 

well it works anyways and doesn't look that bad, so I dont really care much.
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You might still want to open up your sextett, the foam that is inside of the cup is usually disintegrating and turning into a nasty gunk that can affect the sound quality (and make a mess).  You can get replacement foams, but you could just rip the old ones out and see if you can hear a difference. For me it added a bit of clarity, and a good opportunity to change the elastics. If you do open them up, be careful and have a soldering iron available in case a wire comes loose. If you're interested, here is a source for factory replacements for the shot elastics and the inner foam ring.

elastics: http://www.fullcompass.com/product/384538.html

Inner Foam Ring: http://www.fullcompass.com/product/455987.html

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Ya, I love AKG... at least their open backed cans.  K701, K712, K7XX (to be continued...)

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