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I just bought a LOD from Steve. Great head-fi-er. The envelope had so many stickers and forms from airmail, customs and insurance. Top notch shipper.
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I purchased a TT set-up DVD from stevenkelby, it arrived in a timely manor considering the distance it traveled. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet (waiting on my phono pre from mcalister) but am looking forward to having it handy.
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Bought a v-cap dock from him. Answered all my stupid questions and designed it just as I wanted it done. Would definitely do business with him again.

Thanks, Steve, for a great product
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Bought a couple of Steven's new iPod lineouts. They are amazing as always. Very professional service, very good communication, and a professional job.
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Custom Charging iMod cable...

first of all.

steve is the consumate professional, in terms of customer service, as well as great products.

excellent communications and very helpful when any issues arise.

the level of service is up there with vinnie at RWA. no doubt.

thanks steve.

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Steven! my favorite cable-guy
I purchase deluxe mini to rca cable & a short solid silver mini to mini cable. I amazed with the workmanship, and very dedicated, fast delivery too! also he always shot the finished products before he send it
He got my highest recommendation if you seek a high quality DIY cable
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Originally Posted by Capunk View Post
also he always shot the finished products before he send it
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Steve is a great person to purchase from. Communication is outstanding, as well as delivery time. I bought an iPod LOD, and it looks and sounds terrific. Highly recommended.
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Bought a Jenna + silver LOD from Steve. Great guy and service.
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Great transaction. Fast payment. Great head-fier to deal with. It was a pleasure to deal with you Steve.
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I bought a Jena LOD for my iPod Touch. Product was exactly as described, and Steve took the time to provide me with a LOT of information and options to help me make my purchase. It was a pleasure. And the Jena Dock is sexy, as far as LODs go. =) I will be reviewing the iPod Touch - LOD combo soon.
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Steve kindly offered to buy something of ebay for me as I was unable to get my own account. His PM's arrived quick and were very friendly. He spent alot of his time helping find a suitable item and doing all the things that are needed to be done to get it, something which I am very grateful for

Highly Recommended!!

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Bought a portable V-Cap dock for Steve. It is simply amazing! He went out of his way to find a case suited to my needs. Very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Steve!
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The best Custom Cable!

Stevenkelby PM me and introduced his cables to me. I was kind of a little bit concern at very beginning, to be honest, and then I started to trust him after several PMs.

He work with me very closely, and answered all of my silly questions with greatest patience. Now I got his cable, and I am so thankful that I trusted him, those cables are truly master work!

I think language is not enough to describe how good they are, here are pictures of his cable:

This is how he packed the cable, a plastic bag per connector head:

Very nice braided!

Resin sealed nicely:

Compare to Qables and ALO cable (Stevenkelby's has no logo)

Braid work in comparison with ALO's cable...
No need to say a word, the pictures tell everything:

Not like ALO's, Steven's cable braided nice and tight, thus it uses more material.

Some more pictures:

So my conclusion is that, if you want to buy custom cables like these picture shows, buy them from Steven. You will love it! The cost is sexy, too!
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So far I've bought from Steve:

• Jumbo mini to mini cable

• iMod dock cable with usb charging

• Teflon/Vcap dock with hardwired cables and usb charging.

Everyone of them has far exceeded my expectations in terms of finish and of course sound quality. They were all custom made to suit my setup with options that you simply cant get nowhere else. Everything was well packaged and arrived very quickly.

Steve is very quick at responding to emails and always takes the time to discuss your options and gives very helpful advice along the way. He always keeps you fully updated throughout the process from start to finish and has excellent after sales customer service.

Highly Recommended for all your DIY cabling needs.

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