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Steven is TOPS!! and AAA+++ all the way baby!!

Steven aka "Stevenkelby" bought a Evo iSkin from me,rapid fast payment and great communication. No worries when dealing with Steven. Thumbs and toes way up to "StevenKelby"

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Steve bought a Dac from me. Super fast payment and excellent communication throughout. It was a pleasure, and I would not hesitate to do business with him again!
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bought a mini to mini from steve

great work and very communicative and helpful throughout the selection process

couldn't be happier with the work and cost!

go aussie-fi
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Bought a DIY jumbo silver cotton cable from Steve. Not only does it look great, but my roommate and I agree, it sounds amazing. This cable was made like a pro and transaction went smooth, expect quality work and/or service from Steve.
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sold a cowon U3 to steve, super fast payment, no complaints here!
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Steve made and sold me an iPod LOD. Great workmanship and communication, and quick, secure shipping. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.

- Ivan
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Steve made me a LOD for my iMod & put up with my pickyness in choosing what i wanted it made out of & even ordered a mini plug especially for me.

I got the cable today & it looks & sounds amazing.

I really appreciate the hard work & effort put into making this for me & all through out the transaction Steve kept me updated on the cable.

Great seller.

Thanks again Steve!
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bought a custom made mini-to-mini from Steve, very happy with it. Thanks.
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Steve made me a custom mini to RCA interconnect. Through absolutely no fault of his own, the right angle mini connector developed a fault shortly after I received the cable. Steve immediately took the cable back, diagnosed the fault in the connector and repaired the cable - all the very same day he received it. He then mailed it back to me the next day via Express Post. The cable now works perfectly.

Throughout the whole process, Steve was very accomodating, gave me all the lattitude I could possibly need regarding cable construction, component selection and materials and communicated exceptionally well.

Steve is a rare example of one of nature's gentleman - it is a pity that so many other vendors have absolutely no clue at all about customer service. If they took even just one of the many leaves out of Steve's book, they might begin to approach greatness too.
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just bought a cryo cable lod from steve and he has wonderful service and is a great guy to deal with.

will def buy from again!
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I purchased a pair of Ultrasone Ed. 9s from Steve. He shipped them quickly, they arrived in perfect condition (as described) and promptly replied to my pm's. I have no trouble dealing with or recommending Steve to anyone.

Thanks again
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Communication with Steve was absolutely first rate. I ordered two cables from him, and he offered very informative and thoughtful replies in regards to parts selection and customization, always keeeping my personal needs in mind.
On top of that, Steve went out of his way to procure a bevy of parts I needed for my own DIY project.
He provided unsolicited photos of all of my purchases along the way, and was extremely friendly and personable throughout.
I highly recommend him and hope to deal with him again.

Thanks for everything, Steve.
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I bought an RCA-Mini interconnect from Steve. It is quality product. The transaction was flawless. i will be ordering from Steve again!

I totally recommend him to do a deal with.

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I bought a DVD from Steve. Quick, easy transaction. Recommended Head-Fier. Thanks, Steve.
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I just received another iPod LOD (this time cryo copper) made by Steve. Another exceptional piece of work both aesthetically and pragmatically.

I would (and certainly will) deal with Steve again and highly recommend that others do the same.
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