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stevenkelby bought my BD 880's and the transaction could not have been smoother or more pleasant. Communication was great and payment very fast. Steve is a knowledgeable and avid listener and was also kind enough to share his impressions of the headphones with a thoroughly impressive review. To top it off, he's also a heck of a nice guy. Highly recommended!!! Thanks, Steve!!!
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Thank you Adam!

Great doing business with you and I love the DT880's
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Steve bought my Beyerdynamic DT990's. He paid instantly with PayPal and let me know when they'd arrived in Oz along with his early impressions of the sound. Really good guy to deal with, well recommended.

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traded er4S with er4P, just the cables. one smooth transaction.
i wont hesitate to deal with Steve again
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I arranged meetup with Steve for the ER-4S's (4P's recabled).

The transaction went smoothly, and Steve did not hesitate to print out a copy of the original invoice for the product he bought from America.

Thanks Steve. Pleasure to do business with. The earphones sound good!
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Bought a cable from Steve that went from one side of the world to the other.

Everything was as promised and I enjoyed both the transaction and the outcome.
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Steve sold me his DAC-AH. He's such a wonderful person to do business with even though he's overseas. He even showed me how to rewire the DAC to change it to American voltage! He's super helpful, super nice, super awesome, and the best person I've ever bought from.

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Thumbs Up for great seller!!

Bought a pair of headphile C-pad from steve. Smooth transaction, item came as describe with a little extra =) a LED keyring.. In a timely fashion too. Highly recommended

thanks mate

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sold mini to mini. very very easy transaction.
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Bought a 2" silver mini-to-mini from Steven. Fast transaction with prompt shipping. Highly recommended.
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Steve bought a Rudistor RPX-33 dualmono amp from me.
It was a smooth transaction.Communication was kind and he payed immediately after we had agreed on the terms.
Naturally I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
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Brought a HHF-1s from Steve. He has excellent communication and transaction went smoothly. Its a pleasure to do business with Steve.
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Steve is just a genuinely nice guy. Had a problem with some recabled KSC75s that I sent to another head-fi'er and he volunteered to help us out. Found the problem with them and they are on their way back to their owner. People like this are what make Head-Fi such a neat place.
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I just purchased Steve's Supermacro IV. Not only that I bought this great amp for very reasonable price with all those different opamps, he shipped the amp before he even received the payment from me. I even got the free cholocate that he promised. Thanks Steve for a great transaction.
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Bought a DAP from stevenkelby. Arrived intact, packed very well, everything as described. Thanks for the ace transaction!
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