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am i crazy?

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i'm seriously looking at the sony v6 now, as opposed to the porta pros. I'm primarily gonna be listening to them at home and in the library and cafeteria at my college; but i also want to be able to listen to them while working out....

the porta pros supposidly soak up sweat..but the leatherly v6's...i dunno. i need your help again...

the main draw for the v6 for me is that increased sound quality and seemling strong build.

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You can replace the pleather earpads on the Sonys with some Beyerdynamic velour pads. Simple mod and much less "sweaty."
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I never had any problems at all with my V6 pads. I switched to the Beyers recently just for the hell of it -- they're maybe more comfortable and cooler. Not really too much. I think most people at Head-Fi posting these sorts of comfort qualms have elephantitis of the heads and ears.

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working out with the v6's might not be the most comfortable thing to do in the world... i tried them out the other day and they warmed my ears just standing around.

i would consider the v6's for all the other things, but then just use a cheapy pair of headphones for workouts (or, if you're feeling saucy, get the portapros for workouts).
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The v6s are closed, so they will block some sound out, a plus if you need some peace and quiet.
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I will like to use my Awia HP-VX100 to work out rather than V6 that I will own it in the future. I don't think wearing a big headphone working out is a good thing. ( Hehe, I don't want to fall off my V6 when I fliping front and back . Ku Fu partice. )
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