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I sold Carmel my mini-dac, and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Fantastic
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Carmel sold me APS V.3 cables for Senn HD-650s. The transaction could not have gone smoother and he could not have been friendlier. Highly recommended!
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I have on many occasions entrusted Carmel with some of my most treasured and expensive gear and will do so again when the occasion presents itself. He is scrupulously honest and what is more he looks after the gear as if it his own. Selling him a K1000 is therefore not exactly a task fraught with angst & fret.
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Bought the DX1000 at a great price from Xenithon. Everything went smoothly.
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Carmel had his SA5000 recabled. Great guy to work with as always. Enjoy!
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Just took Carmel's Headamp GS-1 off him. The amp came in pristine condition and was well packaged as promised. Contact was excellent and my package arrived at my doorstep over the weekend. It was a truly delightful experience dealing with him.
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Good Seller

I bought K1000 from him. Very good support and smooth as silk transaction.
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I bough APS V3 recabled SA5000 from carmel. Very smooth transaction altogether. He was very friendly and polite in communication. The shipping was fast and received in most professionaly done and safe packing. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks a lot carmel for the great phones.
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A friend of mine told me that this user was selling a pair of headphones I was interested in. I registered in this forum, got in touch with him and found the proposal very reasonable, so I accepted it. The communication was excellent (quick, polite, accurate), the packaging and shipping of the item were unbeatable and all I can say is that this deal has been a true pleasure and I would be more than happy to make business again with Xenithon in the future.

Very recommended!!!
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I bought xenithon's UM2 and the dealing with him was pretty much everything you could hope for in an internet trade and more - not only did everything go smoothly, but I was kept extremely well informed of what was going on - and he's a nice guy to deal with to boot!
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made a purchase from me, very prompt communication and fast payment. great buyer.
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I sold my Sennheiser HD650 headphones to Carmel. Excellent transaction and very fast payment. Highly recommend buyer. Thanks.
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Sold some 5998s to Carmel. It was a very good transaction.
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I bought 2 GEC 6080 tubes, they work great. xenithon is a nice guy, thanks.
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I bought a SA5000 with APS v3 recabled from Xenithon. He is v. nice, with detailed and good communication, and of course, smooth transcation.
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