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Carmel purchased a Headamp GS-1 from me.
Communication was excellent, with even an intercontinental phonecall to wish me a happy birthday in the middle of the transaction.
A few days later, some tasty treats arrived from my homeland courtesy of Carmel!!
Payment was swift, dealings were always friendly and you couldn't wish to find a better trading partner.
Excellent stuff, thanks Carmel. The Berry Jelly Tots went down a treat! :-)
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I've bought the Oracle Cable to compliment my HD650 from Carmel. He's one of the promising head-fier to deal with. He gave me a great advice and did according to his commitment.

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I bought a set of Grover S RCA interconnects from Carmel. Exemplary communication and service throughout and I can't recommend him enough. Thanks!
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Carmel ordered some products though APureSound. He was very easy to work with. Great communication through email and messenger. Payment was instant. I had absolutely no problems with with such a great head-fi member. Enjoy your new setup!

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I had the greatest pleasure of completing yet another transaction with Xenithon, this time a pristine Woo6 amp with full upgrades and valves.
I cant do justice to how great a guy Xenithon is or express my gratitude for his patient advice en route to being "Wooed".
I would recommend him to all head-fiers and would kindly ask folks to make an exception to their "CONUS only" sale rule in his case, because its members like him that makes this forum great.

Many thanks Xenithon
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It is once again my very great pleasure to leave feedback for Carmel who bought a Stax SRM-717/SR-007 rig from me, He paid instantaneously once we had agreed to the terms of sale. As always it is a great delight to discuss matters audio with Carmel who never fails to entertain and to elucidate with his communications. He is also very generous with his time and has assisted me enourmously on matters not strictly pertaining to this transaction but are nevertheless Head-fi related. He is the epitome of a great Head-fier and I am honoured to call him a friend.
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I've had a great transaction with Xenithon. It was one of the smoothest international deals I've had so far.

In addition to the transaction itself, Xenithon is a great person to talk to. I've enjoyed the conversations!
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I sold Carmel an HD650 and balanced cables - I don't normally ship internationally but this transaction was superb - fast, friendly communication, quick payment - I'd happily sell to (or buy from) him any time!

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I bought a Benchmark DAC1 from Xenithon/Carmel which I received today. I can only agree with the praise in this thread. Communication was fast, courteous and helpful. Payment was smooth and shipping was blazing fast. The dac arrived double boxed with all the accessories and looking truly factory new. All in all one of the best online transactions I've ever had. Would not hesitate to do business with him again and again.
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I sold him my minidac. He's a pleasure to deal with.
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Grade A Headfier

Carmel sold me his Omega II / SR-717 system in one of the most pleasant transactions I've ever had. He is a real gentleman and went out of his way to do everything in and beyond his power to make this transaction as pleasant as possible. I cannot recommend him highly enough. This is has been one of those deals where satisfaction and gratefulness is not only derived from the product but also from the transaction itself. Headfi should count itself lucky to have him.
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Xenithon purchased a pair of Sony MDR-SA5000 headphones from me. Communication was excellent and payment was prompt. Happy to do business with again.
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Carmel had his SA5000's balanced using the APureSound V3 cable along with an adapter cable back to single ended. He was a pleasure to do business with and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Enjoy the music!
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Almost a year since my first transaction with Xenithon, I had the pleasure of buying from him again to complete my headphone rig with an Apogee miniDAC, SAA Equinox LE Balanced HD650 cable and an APS V3 XLR to 1/4 inch adaptor. Xen was kind enough to let me audition the hardware before the purchase and was extremely helpful and patient during the process.
Everything was in terrific cosmetic and working condition, accompanied with the original packaging and manuals.

Xenithon takes great care while using his audio gear, so I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. Perhaps being the only head-fier to have met him in person, all that I can add to his superb feedback is that it is all well deserved.

Many thanks
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bought Dac1 from Carmel ,he is a very very very friendly seller,and one of the most responsable seller i've met.he's keeping tracking the objet during the shipping everyday and giving me the latest news.
great stuff with very careful packing,i was a little worried if i can make it when he contacted me,because i was going for vacation in 10 days at that moment,but parcel came only a week after my paiement(considering the distance between us).
couldnt ask for more,i'll vote 20/20 for him.won't hesitate dealing with him again.

so many thanks,Carmel
see you around here
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