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AKG Hearo 777

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Some US members expressed interest in these.
I have a pair.
They are bad.
Not cool bad, just bad.

Floods of bass, no rear channels, heavy, hot.
This is not me just being mean to AKG, love their 501, K1000.

Something has gone wrong with the 777's.

Had the DSP PRO, loved it, trod on the cable once too often.

Wish I could be more positive.
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Did you try them for Home Theater... specifically, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround?

I used to own the AKG Hearo 999, and it was a different beast altogether when listening to DVD movies.

For pure music, the 999s were not bad ... OK ... but nothing special. Nothing to get excited about. I don't think music/hi-fi is what they were designed for.

With the IVA circuit in however, connected to a Dolby Digital DVD source via coax connection, they were quite good in my estimation.
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Sorry, I should have made that clearer, I only use them for DVD/Movies.

They are way below what I would consider reasonable for Hi-Fi.

I can only presume that AKG think people want lots of muddy bass with their movies.
I like AKG kit, I am prepared to be persuaded that it is my setup that is casting them in a bad light.
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I would not characterize the 999s as having boomy bass.

They had their share of weaknesses (as with any headphone), but boomy bass was not part of the equation. Mind-you, the 999s were a step up presumably from the 777, so maybe that comes into play.

I would actually say for Home Theater, the 999s were very good. The IVA processor provided quite a different surround perspective compared to Dolby Headphone - more of a forward projection and not as detailed in localization - but nontheless, made listening to movies via cans more realistic.

Too bad, for the 777s. AKG seems to really be inconsistent with their house "sound". If you go to their website, they make claims that every headphone is designed to be flat, but that is far from the case: I just picked up a pair of the new 240 Studios, which on my better equipment seems to have a little fat bass to my ears, while the 501 (which I will be getting soon too in lieu) has a reputation for being bass light. If the sound of one of these is "right" then the other must be wrong. I bet I will prefer the 501.
Maybe system matching comes into play?

AKG will probably have its hands full once more Dolby Headphone prioducts such as the new Pioneer cans now found in Japan make their way into the market.
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#9, let us know what you think of those k501's as i was seriously thinking of them and then made a calculated discision to go with the ath ad-10's instead of the 501's or f1's. i'm hoping that the ad10's are like the 501's with a more extended low end. and if i find a pair priced low enough (i was going to pay $150) then i'll probably pick them up, also. my calculation was based on the sound quality of the a100ti's and the ad10's being open instead of closed which should translate to less bass (i hate closed can bass), a more transparent midrange (instead of slightly recessed) with sharper transients throughout.

would you say that the 501's are between the grado sound and the senn sound?
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It will probably be another week before the 501s arrive, so it will be interesting to compare. Supposedly, the 501s are ideal for hours of long listening, which is my requirement right now. My NAD 7020 (which I use as an office amp) has a Bass control, if I find the bass lacking.

The K240 Studio was a surprise because they are so, so different to the K240DF which I also have. More bass, nicer highs. Smooth mids. Very light on the head. For $99 they are a steal.

Just that mated to the NAD, there is a little too much caramel for me (the NAD almost sounds like a tube amp). I think the 240S will sound awesome with "dry" electronics, because of their 55 Ohm impedance. It compensates - I think for a possible cold transistor sound - which is not uncommon in low-priced electronics.

I'm now scratching my head on the differences between the 777 and 999. Those wild and crazy guys at AKG in Austria - they should be a bit more consistent for us conumers.
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Originally posted by Number9
....If you go to their website, they make claims that every headphone is designed to be flat....
Yes, the AKG boards and product descriptions are a little too confusing imo. But what's new in this world?

Keep us posted on the 501 (when you get them) vs. K240S & what sort of recordings you are using to compare.
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