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Sennheiser HD500

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I just ordered a pair of HD500's from NewEgg. I paid $52 with shipping included. I was waffling between the HD500 and the HD497's based upon a zillion reviews I read. I then called Sennheiser and an operator told me for House music that has a lot of bass, the HD500's are the best...

I ordered them and then found a link to this website and EVERYONE has trashed the HD500's and loved the HD497's. I haven't even received them yet, but based upon ALL the reviews I am wondering if I should return them? Are they that bad? Are the 497's THAT much better?

I listen mostly to House music in MP3 format on my laptop with AC'97 sound built into the motherboard... HELP!
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well, i have the HD-497's, look up my post on the HD500's at newegg.
i'd return what you got and get what i got, these are some pretty damn nice headphones
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eh...here's jessica's post . i haven't heard the 497s myself, but by judging by other people's opinions of them on this forum, it seems as if they are better than the 500's.
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never heard the 500's, but reviews haven't been kind. 497's are a great phone, I find them very close to the 580's quality at 1/3 the price.
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Well, I cancelled my order for the HD500's and re-ordered the HD497's... NewEgg.com had awesome customer service! Wow, it was worth the $3 more than Amazon!!!
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