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Manvin bought some headphones from me this past week. He paid promptly and was great to work with. I would deal with him anytime, for sure. A very enthusiastic headfier.
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Thanks a lot Bill; I appreciate it.

Check your private messages, by the way.
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Sold my Little Dot Micro+ to m3ta1head. Instant payment and smooth transaction. Good communication. Recommended.
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Me and M3ta swaped some headphone's, older DT880's for a pair od AD700's

He sent his out right away, I would recommend him any day
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Manvin bought my Headroom Minibag. He paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. Keep warm in snowy Wisconsin, Manvin and thanks!
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Manvin is da Man (no pun intended). Very courteous and understanding Head-Fier. I have no hesitations recommending him for future transactions. Enjoy the DVD player.
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Manvin bought my UE iems. there were good communications throughout an easy transaction. it was a pleasure working with him and i'd be happy to do so again in the future.
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Wonderful Seller!

Im very impressed with this seller! Just a great guy to deal with! Highly recommended !!!
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Sold Manvin my A900s. Paid promptly, extremely friendly throughout, and just a cool guy to deal with all around. He's one of those folks that help make Head-Fi the great community that it is!
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Bought the XBOX360 game Lost Planet from me.paid promptly ,great
communication ,make a deal easily.I was glad to deal with him,hope to do next time.
enjoy the game,
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Traded a pair of AD900 (friend's) for Manvin's A900. Very understanding and patient with my friend's busy schedule to ship the phones out to him. Prompt courteous communication, and he shipped the phones when he said he would. They arrived quickly, packed well and were in superb condition. All around great guy and asset to Head-Fi, wouldn't hestitate to do business with again !

Cheers !
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sold a couple pairs of sunglasses. great communication and fast payment. would love to deal with again.
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I purchased a set of V-Moda Vibes from m3ta1head: Smooth transaction, careful packaging, fast shipment. I would gladly do business with m3ta1head / Manvin again anytime.
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Manvin was prompt with his decision and payment......no problems at all. Bought a PIMETA and Elpac from me. Deal with him in confidence!
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Great seller

I just bought a Pimeta amp from Manvin (m3ta1head). His communication was so fast -- he would reply to my messages within an hour about. He shipped it really fast too. I paid and he shipped it the next day. Then the next day it was in my hands. Good condition, just as described. And very well packaged. A great deal. Thanks!
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