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It depends on your headphones. High impedence headphones like the HD600's tend to use batteries up rather quick... less than 10 hours of playback.
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Just my two cents:

I am also the proud owner of a cinnamon altoids from JMT which I have been blissfully using for a month or two now. I agree with most of what has been said--it drives my 580s wonderfully, I like it alot with my etys (amp/ety review coming some day), and it is overall much cleaner, precise, and less dark than the TA (which I like alot too with certain phones). It also makes my ks35s sound really good.

The amp is sweet. I love it. And the mints were yummy I suspect(my wife ate them all).
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I agree with everything dgs just said Definitely better than the TA IMO. I used it with my HD600s at a lan party (ok, so not the highest fidelity in the world) and it worked awesome. Runs a LONG time on one 9-volt too. Great with etys... The perfect portable amp under $600 :P
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Okay, I just found a use for my spare Hansen board and Penguin tin... The only trouble is I don't have the *TIME*... and I don't actually need another amp... Oh well... Maybe someone will want a semi-kit...
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Hey Vert,

No pics?

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Odin I just noticed your post regarding the modded Denons and the JMT amp. The overriding improvement is the balance of sound. They are less colored than before but still more colored than HD600's. The treble is much less honky and the bass is much less boomy. I seem to detect hints of audiophile resolution overall. It's that quick effortless sound that just kind of happens and doesn't draw attention to itself. Before they seemed kinda wildly out of control which was fun but very annoying in the long run. They have been tamed, reigned in, made anew. All in all they sound much better than they did!
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jaskin asked:

No pics?
Jaskin, check out my avatar. That is the amp I built for Jude.
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JMT amp

Just received my JMT w/ cf and all I can manage to a say at the moment is... WOW!!! (pushing my HD600)

Oh yeah, much appreciated, JMT

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