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Originally posted by Steve999

I don't think the KTX Pro 1s are likely to satisfy anyone for critical listening who has heard head-fi-recommended quality phones. I do feel the KSC 35s are good enough for critical listening, if you're not too hyper about sound quality. My experience with the KSC 50s was that, like the KTX Pro 1s, they missed the cut. At this point, I would say if what you want are good sounding headphones that really satsify for critical long term listening with those drivers, it's KSC 35, and maybe porta pro, or bust. IMHO, you've got to get those drivers away from the ears a little, but not too much.
well, these are supposed to be for excercise phones... so i doubt there will be that much critical listening involved. the ksc-35's are obviously a great choice, but at the expense they command these days... IMO they are not worth it. there are better options for critical listening and there are cheaper options for knockaround headphones.
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Originally posted by s.c
How about KSC 50 compare to Sony Q33 ? It because my cuz gonna buy a new chip on that avaliable on local shop like Goodguys, bestbuy, cir...city some some..... Can someone help me out?
Not even close. The Sony Q33 costs much more $$$ - but it also sounds significantly worse - than the Koss KSC-50. The Q33 has overtight mid/upper-bass with no low extension, and peaky/honky/scratchy upper mids/lower highs.
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get some lower-end senns
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Ok, I will tell my cuz save $10 to get the KSC 50, and tell him to try some new stuff.

Off topic, I was living in his house since last year. He had had a set of old Sony Stereo system AMP+Reciver. Was it that amp could use as the amp on the net? I pluged in my HP-VX100. And I found that some different sounds came out. Bass tighter together and gentler (May be that was you guys called warmmer). Even LP4 music got a little bit improvement, most of the background music could hear clearly. It is such a waste for my cuz that he didn't even use his stereo system a lot.
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