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Sony MDR-605LP
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When I went to the Sony store a while ago, I asked about F1 which is on display but not for sale. The sales person told me it's discontinued (I doubt that it's true, but he didn't even bother checking on it), and then he pointed at a bunch of cheap headphones on the rack, I think I see the one (605LP) you mentioned among those. I didn't exactly check it out, but it seemed flimsy.
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Aiwa has a headphone that looks remarkably similar to the F1 -- the Aiwa HP-AK100. Audiocubes has it for $69. However, I have no idea how it sounds or whether it is a competitor with the F1.

Here's a link: Aiwa HP-AK100
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I haven't listened to the lower end sony (605LP) or the Aiwa, just by look though, I'd pick aiwa.
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I have the F1 but stopped using it when I got the HD600, then the SR325, then the Ety 4P/S, and finally the K1000. I find the performance of the HD600, SR325, and K1000 to be superior to that of the F1.
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Come to think of it, I think I saw the 605LP when I tried the F1 and V6 side by side. It was the first one on the rack that caught my eye, I said to my self, "Hey, the F1! Oh, that's not an F1, that looks crappy. Oh, here's the F1, this looks much better." I didn't try the 605 though...
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I didn't try the 605 either, but you guys talking about Awia AK-100 and F1. Then I found out 605 in B&H, so I post it here for a similiar compare or rescouces. It looks same as F1 too. This is the point I post it out.
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HI: The sony 605 plus 2 other can are in the for sale cheep.
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I saw it on the selling forum which in Head-Fi. You posted some Sony's phone V600, V900, and V something it is hell cheap too. But I want to try a band new phone to burn-in by myself. It is fun that to do the experances. Your deal was good too.

Edit: Oh I remember that you sell V600 and 605 for like under $100.
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