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Thinking about getting a pair of F1s

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I've been needing a pair of open cans for work and need something that can be powered out of an EMP. I have a pair of RS-1s, but those pretty much stay at home full time now (and I'm itching to hear something new ). I've read a couple threads on the Sony MDR-F1, and was wondering if those who have a pair still listen to them. Can they be run out of an EMP? Is the whole "sweet spot" thing a pain in the butt? How would you best characterize the sound--in particular, I like a good midrange, but I'm afraid that coupling a thick midrange can with a thick midrange amp will be too...thick.

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A list of known amps that work well with the F1's might prove useful as well.
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I listen to mine frequently. "Thick" is a good descriptor for the midrange. However, they seem to perform best for me driven by tubes amps (MicroZOTL and EAR HP4). Nice wide open sound.

They will be at the meet in Rockville on the 17th, if you'd like to hear them. I'm not sure if an EMP will be here or not, though.
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Sony F1

I heard a set in Japan and remembered them sounding good. They were also very comfortable. I just ordered a pair on E-Bay (buy now option). There's another set there right now (11/9) if you are seriously interested!

My main interests in the phones were comfort and "open" design so that I can engage in conversations by muting the volume (or pause). They sounded pretty good too from what I remember of my hearing them in Japan.
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The F1 works fine with my EMP – it's even the best amp with it, although the 12 ohms go beyond the official scope. No other one provides the same extension it normally lacks a bit. The bass is great and deep, the highs are still kind of cotton-like, but nevertheless detailed and quite transparent, with a slightly dominant, but non-fatiguing midrange that even can be called beautiful and colorful. The sound is not absolutely neutral regarding balance, but fascinating in a special way, and the soundstage is awesome. Not to mention the wearing comfort... There's more than one sweet spot, btw, you can chose your own.

To be honest: I clearly prefer the HD 600 and the ER-4X to it, but I still like it anyway.
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I'll second the F1/EMP combo. I rotate the F1 with my 325s in my "upstairs" system frequently. These two phones have a unique synergy with the EarMax Pro for some reason.

Go figure...
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I seem to like the 590's better my self. I haven't tried the two side by side, or even on a similar source, though, the F1 was on the better of the sources, with the 590 on a discman. But I still thought that the 590 had a more natural and pleasant sound, as well as better sound stage. I thought the 590s were more comfortable too. Not when they first go on, but with the F1s I had to push them around to get a decent sound stage (still not as good as 590s to me) and by the time i got it they were sitting on my head pretty strangely. In the time it took me to get the right position for the F1s, I could have forgotton the 590s were even on my head. I don't belive my head is abnormal in any way, though, probably a tad bigger than average, which would account for the drivers being too cloase to my ears witht that set. If they redesighned them physicaly to fit me little better it would be a much closer race. I don't know about the upgrade path for the F1s, but the 590s seem to be pretty similar to the other senn 500's in that respect, expect for being easier to drive. just my $.015, have fun.
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I'll agree with Darkwolf here...

The F1s as good as they are do seem to lack a little when compared to my Senns... there is not enough bass for my liking even with the claim of a 'bass-lens'... and the treble is a little too dry...

Thats not to say that they're bad 'phones though ~ just not ideally suited to me
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Well, F1 is not the best sounding headphone I have listened to, in fact, In another thread I claimed to put it in storage. However, there are also a lot to like about this headphone (especially how comfortable it is) that I found myself taking it out and using it again and again.
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Anyone saw this before?
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If you listen to the F1 for a while, you sort of forget about the shortcomings and just fall into the music. You're not conscious of the headphone, in part because it's so comfortable, and in part because it doesn't exaggerate any part of the audible spectrum. Plus the soundstaging is unlike anything except the K1000, with which it shares some design concepts. This happens very rapidly with music that was recorded live, and also with binaural recordings (I have only some samplers, but they're very scary when listened to with these cans).

The bass is light, but it's fast and tight. The midrange is veiled compared to the W100. But overall, it's a very beguiling set of cans. And you can wear them for so long!

I'd love to hear them via the EMP, but never have. My Corda HA-1 is a nice match, however. Both of these amps are happy with low impedance cans (the F1 and my W100). I suspect the match is good because both amps can supply high voltages into low impedances.
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Unless its just that my IE6 is set up badly, that link doesn't work directly...

If anyone else has the same problem... the link is below, which you'll have to copy and paste into your address bar (obviously adding www. in front of it)....

bhphotovideo.com/bh4.sph/FrameWork.class?FNC=ProductActivator__Aproductlist _html___226613___SOMDR605LP___REG___CatID=1634___S ID=F19FC47B4D0
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Originally posted by s.c
Anyone saw this before?
Is it just me? I don't see any headphone from the link.

Edit: Ah, now I see Duncan's post, so I'm not alone.
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same here, i don't see it either.
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Hm... it was weird. BTW the headphone I wanted to say is ( MDR-605LP Circumaural Open-Back Stereo Headphone for Portable Audio ). In the Professional Audio->Wired Headphone->Band: set to Sony->The first choose.
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