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Win a FREE set of UE-10's and help name our newest product - Page 2  

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^ I didn't get a reply either.
I know I am going win, but good luck to all contestants anyway. ^_^
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I doubt my entry of is going to win, but I cooked up a few others for the contest.
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Lol... we're all oh so stuck up
I bet u none of us won it
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Just when I got used to the Triple X name.

Nice contest, BTW. Thanks!

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I assume they changed it from XXX due to some of the more adult hits they got in google
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Haha, yeah I can see why they'd want to get rid of the XXX name unfortunately - holding this contest is a cool idea
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Originally Posted by InspectorGadget
Maybe after they pick the winner, we can list what are names are that we each came up with, just to compair notes.

I second this idea. It would be great to see all the different names
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why don't they just name it 10 pro if it has to have the in the beginning??
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its over. i win
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Contest over!

Yea guys you'all can stop submitting your ideas'. I heard from a close (inside) source, that they're trying to decide between me and Discobiscuits' idea!LOL
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pretty cool contest... details werent very clear though.

dont know how far up the ladder these cans are, so i guessed that they would be a step above the 5 pros...

didnt know that i could send them a list either.
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well I think they're retailing for ~500, which would make them twice the price of the superfi 5 pro. I think I win for the best geek joke in a name.
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I will be very curious to see how many of us came up with the same names....I guess if we have already submitted our list then there is no harm in telling what you gave...maybe we will just wait and see what they pick first....
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ya this thing is over... listen to this wtfpwnbbqpro. Victory is assured unless they prefer "leeroy jenkins would wear these"...
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I suggested the Super.Fi Ultimate X

Doubt I'll win, but it has an easy forum nickname (SFX), the X is roman numeral for 10 (a la UE10) and the use of ultimate denotes it as top of product range. It's a catchy name and still sounds cool like the triple X. Plus, the use of Ultimate goes with their company name, you could make some killer ads with the use of Ultimate Ears/Ultimate X. It's a match made in heaven imho.

I bet someone else picked the name before me though.

Man, it would be nice though.....
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