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Originally posted by ablaze
I won't go into my music tastes. too diversified. and shouldn't a good set of speakers/headphones sound good with all types of music? thats why I want something neutral I guess. so everything will sound the way it should, uncoloured, unenhanced..just the way it is
Unfortunately there aren't any perfect components so you still have to prioritize. I have somewhat diverse taste in music too (it is not so unusual to see Johnny Cash, Slayer and Stravinsky all in the queue) but then again, my order of priorities seems to be different than most.

Most folks seem to value soundstage over all else followed be smoothness and then overall tonal balance. Mine seem to begin with timbre, then tonal linearity (beyond it just being balanced, it also has to not seem peaky), and then detail. Of course, soundstage and smoothness are important to me too, my point is only that they land in a different order for some people than others.

Many people seem to rearrange their priorities differently for different genres of music. They, for example, find smoothness and focus more important for jazz quartets, bass and attack more important for rock and timbre and detail more important for classical. My priorities are consistent across different genres. I want a jazz piano to sound every bit as much like a piano as when I hear it in a concerto -- and I'm willing to make the same sacrifices to achieve it.

If you're like me, you're somewhat unusual, but the best thing you can do is to audition as much stuff as you can to try to get an idea of which qualities are most important to you and be able to describe what it is you do and don't like about them. This won't keep you out of arguments since people do quibble about the qualities but it'll make it easier to find what you're looking for if you haven't already.
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ok. gotta be honest and say I'm pretty newbyish to hi-fi. I can't go in depth and talk about soundstage, midrange, depth of sound etc etc..and I haven't really heard enough with different equipment to know what I'd want more of or less of. let me sit with my ATHs for a couple of days when I get them and hopefully then, I'll feel more adequate to comment.

all I can say is with my 7506s, they were radically better than all the other crap cans that I've owned before discovering head-fi, and I found them pretty darn good as it is. and to know that the 7506s are considered entry-level. I just need to feel for myself what its like to go as high up the scale as I can afford for now. and see if the gains are worth the vastly higher prices.
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I still recommend the MDR-7506/V6 a lot and for me it is an excellent price/performer. In my book, the diminishing returns kicks into overdrive as soon as you upgrade from this phone to anything else. It does get better--much, much better, but the price ramp is practically a straight line up. The Orpheus is better than the 7506 but is it 140 times better? No, of course not. But that's true of anything really, a Golf will get you from point A to point B in the city just as effectively as a F355 will.
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yeah. I know about diminishing returns. but I just HAVE to hear for myself once at least, for a few days, or weeks, what "heaven" sounds like. then i'll decide where I'll want to be on the price/performance scale

but thanks for the advice anyways!
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