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Bought the Gilmore V2SE from Earl in what seems to be the 1,236th deal we have made together. It arrived even before I got a chance to get the money off to him. The amp is in as new condition and the packing was first rate!!! Thanks for the great deal. AAA++++
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I bought some DT880s off of Earl. He saw me talking about them in a few threads and made me a great offer. He turned the transaction around as fast as possible and I had them within about 1.5 days of when I made payment (helps that we're in the same state). Would definitely buy from again.
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Earl was very fast in shipping me his MPX3. I received it before I even remembered to look up the tracking number. He made sure I had the instructions for putting the tubes on the unit which was a big help. He also did a great packing job and I would definitely do business with him again!
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I bought some tubes from Earl. He shipped fast, packed them well, and they tested perfectly. Communication was courteous and pleasant. A great guy to buy from. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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I bought a modded Sony SCD-C222ES from Earl -- the price was fair, the delivery was remarkably fast, and it couldn't have been packaged with greater care. Perhaps best of all, he replied to all of my many PMs quickly and at great length, answering questions about the source and making suggestions about how a good system might be built around it. This, I should add, well after the deal had been concluded and I had sent payment, so Earl had no personal incentive, but he went out of his way to help me out. All in all, I would expect this sort of reliability and knowledge from a good hi-fi dealer, but not a private seller. Couldn't recommend him more highly.
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I also bought a modded SCD-222ES from Earl. The unit was as he had describe it to be, practically brand new and in mint condition. The unit was well packed and he shipped it promptly after receiving payment. He was also very cordial, helpful and responded to all my PM's quickly. This transaction went smoothly and without any problems. I would highly recommend and would buy/sell to him again as Earl is definitely a first class head-fier.

Thanks again and look foward to deal with you soon.
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SACD Lover gave me top priority on his JVC HA990's. He must have seen my thread about a month ago wanting to buy some.

Very nice to deal with. Delivery in 2 days!!

Thanks Earl.
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Earl is such an amazing guy to work with.

He sold me his gilmore dact v1, and everything went so smoothly. He shipped the amp out via priority mail the same day he got my moneyorder. It was sent on tuesday, and i got it thursday. It was packed incredibly well. Everthing was drowned with peanuts and covered with bubble wrap! He was amazing so work with. In fact, he even supplied me with a power cord and a interconnect to go along with my order! He gave the most unbelieveable price for everything.


Earl, an A +++!

Thanks for everything.
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Deal #1,354,098 with Earl (seems like that many). Again everything went perfect. Thanks Earl, look forward to seeing you this June.
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Purchased speakers and cables from Earl

What more can I say? Earl is extremely friendly, fast, and a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate in the slightest to do business with him.

He is also very focused on making sure you as the buyer are satisfied with your purchase.

A True asset to the head-fi community.
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I just bought a Gilmore V2-se from sacd lover, and this is the smoothest private transaction I've ever had (and I've had some good ones here on head-fi). Communication was outstanding, and Earl is a knowledgable, helpful guy. It also helps that he had just the amp I was looking for Packaging was outstanding: the amp probably didn't even know it was on a trip in that double box with all those packing peanuts. Earl even made the effort to get the amp shipped out on a SATURDAY MORNING. What more can I say? I would feel completely comforatable doing a deal of any $$$$ amount with Earl.

EDIT: The massive, high-end power cable he sent with the amp is awesome, too.
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I bought some tubes from Earl. They arrived safe and sound and are heating my family room as I type this. He answered all my questions, which were many. A pleasure to deal with.
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I bought tubes from Earl for my mpx3-6cg7. Earl was a pleasure to deal with and everything went smoothly. I would do business with Earl without hesitation.
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Just received a bunch of tubes from Earl for the cost of shipping. What can I say, a class act. I hope I have the opportunity to return the favor. One great head-fier.
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Yet another deal with Earl, and yet another smooth and pleasant transaction. He even threw an extra tube in on the deal. A great guy to deal with. Very highly recommended!!!
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