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Earl just bought a Carlo Modded Gilmore v.1 from me--he was quick with payment and friendly in our interactions!

Thanks SaLo!
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I just got the AA HPA v. 1.0 with Monolithic power supply from sacd lover. He did a superb job packaging it and, shipped the unit extremely promptly.

He is a great head-fier. I would do business with him again.
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Bought some cables from Earl. One of many deals that have been a pleasure!! He sent them to me without payment to see If I want them or not. Look forward to many years of buying, selling, and trading with Earl.
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Just done a nice transaction with SacdLover.
Great experience, highly recommanded.
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I bought SACD Lover's SR225s. Fast shipping & shipment, great packaging, great communication.

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Just received a super extension cable from Earl...super fast shipping and perfect communication-love the cable!
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Bought one of Earl's spare Signal Cable Magic PC's - excellent condition, excellent price, fast shipping - as good as it gets

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Sold Earl some speaker cables. As always a worry free deal. Thanks Earl. A++
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I sold Earl my DT-880 and Gilmore V.1. Earl paid for my stuff quickly w/ plenty of excellent communication. Highly recommended!!!

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I just bought a Gilmore V2 SE from Earl. Great amp at a reasonable price. The amplifier was in exactly as Earl described it. I would gladly do another deal with Earl!
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I just bought the DT880 form sacdlover (Earl). He has been great to deal with. On top of selling me his headphones, he has helped me pick out a great sounding cd player. He is yet another guy I can call my friend here at head-fi.

Thanks for all the info.
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Well Earl has done it again. Once again I had no problems. I bought his Sony CD3000 from him. He is definitely the first person I look to when I want to buy something. He not only shipped the headphones off fast, he double boxed them, insured them, and gave me the tracking number.

Earl is a great guy and a true friend.
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Sent Earl some cables. Another great deal. Anyone out there wondering, can rest assured that any deal with Earl will be smooth and fast. 100% reliable!!
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Sold him 2 MIT Cables

Wonderful buyer, commited and paid within minutes for 2 MIT T3 Digital cables.

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I bought Earl's Swans M200 speakers and they arrived in great condition. He sent them immediately and the communication was great. I would do business with him any day.
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