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Denon AHD-750 ??

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Has anyone had experience with the Denon AHD-750 headphones. I realize it is not a "high-end" product, but would appreciate feedback on comfort, sound quality, etc.
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THEy are great, i mean the work on 2-30 Khz i think, the only bad thing about them is the 30 Ohms impedance..
they are cheap, and some of the best for the buck... in my opinion. I think that since denon is not known for headsets, they are a bit maybe under rated...
i mean everything from underworld to jimmy hendrix sounds good in em.. and they are very cumfy
they dont compare to say Beyerdynamic , but then again, a pair of those will set you back 200 bucks, not 100.... so you do get what you pay for...
they are closed, and done so very well.. i know, i used them in college while there was a party raging all around me, and i could't hear much... (that should say a lot for all you who remember what thats like)
but anyways, yeah, there good, if you can get a good deal on the 950s, id get them... price for those is arounf 150, although if you find em in an supr store or outlet, u can probly get em for 125...
hope this helps..

P.. did i mention that i had my 750s for the past 5 years.... so they are VERY durable.... ( i mean they survived college)
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