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My current transportable rig is:

5.5g iMod (lossless)
Graham slee voyager
SK teflon and oimp vcap dock

Total cost approx $1700
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My current portable rig is:

iPod Classic 160 gb
ALO Jumbo Cryo
Ray Samuels Audio Predator
Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro

Total cost (gulp): $2,355
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My best portable-fi
-DIYMod (iPod gen3 with valkyrja cable, no cap for purist input to amplifier)
-DIY Valkyrja with switchcraft silver mini cable (outperformed all hiend mini cables in the market so far)
-iQube (Most natural portable amp and high power class D)
-Full Circle HF Prototype (3-drivers IEM that can represent full-size's sounding level when amped properly)
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-UE 11pro
-My Vampire DYI that is the I've heard to date period (I know that sounds bad)
-iMod is a close 2nd...
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The best I had was a 4th gen iMod+ALO Cryo Dock+Xin Reference+TFP10 however that was simply just too big to be practical for me so now I'm very happy with 3rd gen Nano+ALO Cryo Doc+Xin SuperMini+APS ER4. The ALO dock is bugging me as it almost doubles the length of the rig so punnisher is building me one of his low profile docks. To me this will be the perfect portable rig although clearly it will never beat my home rig or even my previous portable rig for sq.
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5.5 Gen 80GB iMod w/ Rockbox firmware
Portable V-Cap dock from stevenkelby
DIY silver wire interconnect
Quables iQube amp
ER-4 w/ Apuresound cable.

Grand total around $1400+

My wallet is sad but my ears are happy.
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what I'm looking at getting within the next year

Ipod Classic 160GB with ALAC
ALO Crystal Dock
Ultrasone HFI-780 with an S2 audio recable or Freq Show
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Mr Zimm ur rig rocks
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Yes, Zimm, rock indeed, give us the skinny on the DIY Silver IC!! (I'm a closet IC freak!)
And to Germania, if you happen to read this, what is the Crystal Supreme? Skinny please!

Just reading the post's here makes me feel alot better about having more invested in a portable than my car is worth(that's before you fill up the tank!!!).
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Funny how OP's self-claimed "Best protable rig in the world" based on Ipod's internal DAc, which is good among portables but that's it. It's just a portable player's DAC...
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Originally Posted by davidmiya View Post

You need to buy this... you'll never want a home rig after hearing this...

Well i don't agree with this much at all. Im sure its a nice sounding set up, but i don't think it will compare to a good home set up. Im sure my John Broskie Aikido valve amp will sound much better to my ears. But thats my opinion and i don't think my amp is "the best in the world", i just enjoy it, a lot!
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I know i have nothing against all these expensive items... But my rig does me just fine and its very portable

Cowon Iaudio U5 8gig, Go Vibe Petite with Yuin PK1's

Still burning in my amp and PK1's but the sound is very satisfying!
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N00b question: is Iriver Optical Out --> Headroom DAC better than an Imod+Vcap dock?

I have a Predator amp and UE11s that sound perfect to my ears so I'm just thinking about upgrading my source.
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Nowhere near expensive as some of the ones listed here... but

Iriver e10 -> silver mini-mini made by cantsleep -> headsix -> livewires.
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This is a loaded question!!

LOD, mini - min, DAC, amps, source....

Cowon, and Apple!!
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