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Need some help deciding...

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Ok...I have finally started looking into the world of Headphones for my listening. I am looking into spending up to $150, but would like to keep it around $100. I have not been able to listen to many kinds of cans because of lack of retailers around where I live. Anyway, I am also trying to decide between open and closed cans. Which give a better sound? Here is my application use:
Playing PC games *Primary Use*
Playing CD/MP3 from computer, maybe occasional CD from somponent system
I will probably not use much for portable CD player, since I haven't used mine in over a year.
I listen to Rock music most of the time

Here is the list of cans that I am considering:

Sennheiser HD525 $100 local *Have listened to*
Sennheiser HD535 $130 local *Have listened t0, cannot tell difference in sound between 525 and 535. Can anyone tell me what the difference is, as I cannot find specs for them?*
Sennheiser HD570
Koss A-250

Koss UR30
Denon AHD950
Any good Sennheiser?

Ok, so I am thouroughly undecided, and since I have only listened to a couple of models, I cannot decide. I have heard good things about the Koss A-250. Also, some information about the differences between the Sennheiser models would be appreciated. Thanks

/edit Comfort is also an important factor. I am not looking at supraural at all...I am only looking at circumaural. Thanks
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I don't have much help to offer but you might want to saunter over to http://www.headphone.com where lives the good people of Headroom Corporation. They have a 30 day return policy meaning you can try all the headphones on your list (except the denon's .. they don't carry them) and decide for yourself.

Note: apparently Grado's are the best phones for rock music. I dunno how they are with games though.

EDIT: you might want to check out this thread http://headwize.com/ubb/showpage5.ph...ays=30&stime=0 concerning gaming headphones.
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I purchased the Beyer Dynamic DT 250-80 after consulting with Todd at Headroom. I was in need of a gaming phone, albeit for console gaming. I have them plugged into the head out of my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1.

Great bass, tight not muddy, but not as deep as the vaunted Sony V6. The highs are detailed, but not being sibilant. Great comfort and isolation for those long, late-night gaming sessions.

As for rock music, I listened to Tool's Laterlaus through my home rig (see my profile) and my portable with and without my CHA47 portable amp. The bass was alive and deep, the guitars were sweet without being harsh. The vocals were clear. The Beyers can be easily driven by a portable, but open up more (less dark) with an amp while retaining the great bass and detailed highs.

As for price, the DT 250-80 are probably at your max budget. I paid $135 for mine 6 months ago. Other alternatives are the Sony V6, the Denon 750/950

Hope this helps

Regards - reynman
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