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I need a pair of really comfortable headphones!

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I've grown tired of my sony mdr-v700's, they actually are starting to hurt. I need to find a extremely comfortable pair of open air headphones. They will be used mostly for gaming (Counter Strike mainly), some music and some movies, but games for the most part. I don't have an amp, nor do i want one. $150 is my budget. Thanks in advance!
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Try the Sennheiser 590s. They should be around $150, they don't need an amp and they sound good. if you want something cheaper, try the Sennheiser 497.

BTW, why do you care if they're open aire if you're using them for games?
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i'd recommend that you pick up a pair of beyerdynamic 250-80's. people that use them for gaming are satisfied with them because of their nice low end response. they aren't open, but they are comfortable phones (velour pads ). it should fit well in your budget (its $155 shipped at meier-audio ).
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i would prefer the open air just so that i can hear what is going on around me, i usually play at a lot of lan parties and like to be able to hear people talking.
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Open-air really comfortable headphone? Sony MDR-F1! I believe I paid about $150 for mine, but most sell for close to $200, I think.
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those sonys do look really comfortable... anyone else?
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I'd second Bifcake's suggestion for the Sennheiser HD-590. Easy to drive, Sennheiser comfortability, and open.

I would actually say to get the Sennheiser HD-580, what with all the good deals for them out there, but they are a little harder to drive (you'd get better results with an amp). This way you'll get nice headphones for you music, too!

I've heard different things about gaming headphone preferences. Some like 'em bright, some like 'em bassy, some just want a terrific soundstage (for locating). What are you preferences? My recommendations may change based on this aspect...
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i never really even though of that but i would say that as far as the sound goes, soundstage would probably be #1 on the list. deep and bassy is always nice, but i have 5.1 speakers for that sooo that really isn't that important... i would say that the lower tones are more important though.

comfort is still the number one factor though, i want to be able to wear these headphones for hours on end without having my ears become soar.
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All the MDR-F1 owners around here say they're the most comfortable headphones available. And depending on who you talk to, they're either quite good or a bit overpriced for their performance. Still, if comfort's the main thing, they're probably it.

Oh -- and you said soundstage. Well, just your luck, the MDR-F1 is supposed to have the best soundstage of any headphone short of the AKG K1000.

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I just had another person tell me to pick up the senn 580's... that way i could add an amp later, and with the 20 dollar rebate...

those sonys are so darn expensive... we've sort of surpassed my 150 budget...
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I'm a member of the F1 fan club. The most comfortable headphone I've found. Also extremely open. And, as with many headphones, amp and source dependent. It's main weakness to me is a lack of definition in the midrange, but that can be cured to some extent with the right amps and cables. At a $150 price, it's an easy choice. You give up some comfort, but get more detail by going with the Senn HD-580. The Senn has a darker sound, about which much has been said. However, the Senn will also sound better with a wider variety of amps/sources (for some reason, every Sony I've owned has been a picky headphone).

Regardless, I spend entirely too much time with the F1, despite several other options in my collection. And IMO it's the most comfortable headphone there is. Nothing else comes close.
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150?! where are the F1's 150???
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OMG the sony mdr-f1 look so cool...

I hadn't realized these were available.. i'd almost buy them on looks alone

here's a thread comparing hd-600 and mdr-f1 if anyone is interested:


stev0, i agree, they are a bit more expensive. the 580's are good phones that lie in your price range. if you like deep and bassy, the beyerdynamic phones might suit your purposes, and soundstage on those is supposed to be pretty good too. the beyerdynamic 990 is an open phone with really sweet bass, somewhere in the range of $130-150. But then again, some people say the beyer's pinch their heads... if you have a big head this might be a problem. do ya have a big head? huh? well, do ya?
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yes, actually i do have a big head
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Originally posted by stev0
150?! where are the F1's 150???
Lost it. IIRC, someone had posted a link where they were $159, but the best I'm finding is $189 or so. Sorry 'bout that. I guess prices are up. I had just bought mine used for $150, and was chagrined to find I could have had a new pair for another $9...but not anymore, apparently.
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