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I pretty much agree...actually Grado's current line is still pretty much the same cost-cutting line that is after the HP series. It doesn't take a genius to see that making the HP series probably required a heck of a lot more effort/resources/cost. But since than they use plastic just like most other companies nowadays since it works, is durable, and its cheap. But I do agree the headband sucks on lower end models and seems way too stingy for the price.

Compared to other phones Grados have a more homely mom and pop look compared to a more consistent machinerized look of most the German or Japanese phones.

But my MS-1's are very trusty phones at the same time. Course there haven't been too many affordable modern day headphones that really have a build that truly impresses. Sony V6 is pretty nice though IMO besides the pleather. Even the Senns look a tad cheesy IMO after getting them, especially when the HD600's get some silly carbon fiber hype to it but obviously is covered by plastic like most other phones. Course in the entire scheme of things Senns still look pretty nice.

Most of the best phones have something silly about their designs...like the fake plastic marble HD600, to orange strapping AKG1000s, to plain plain Beyers...you realize that Grados start looking much better on the high-end spectrum at least.

Even Sony's cheaper phones have a very consistent look of quality...but a lot of it is just silly and stupid. I mean fashion caps for headphones? That is the most ridiculous thing I've seen. I would actually think about punching someone if I ever saw them actually go and BUY an extra pack of colored caps for their streetstyles its so moronic. Heh, I'd punch them and tell em that the black and blue will go much better with their phones. But thats just me.
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Reliability issues

Unfortunately there ARE real reliability issues with Grados. While they may last for years of "normal" use, when I used them every day for 8-10 hours per day in my radio job (including a 5 hour live show each morning), my Grados lasted for only about 3 months before the cabling in one earpiece developed a "short".

A REAL problem with the Grado design that people seem to gloss over is the ability of each earpiece to rotate 360 degrees, which allows the wires to get quite twisted, putting stress on them, and increasing the likelihood of failure. After putting my Grados in a case to transport them to work, I found that I had to "untangle" the twisted cable every day before I put them on, and several times during the day. How much simpler it would have been for Grado to simply keep the earpieces from rotating 360 degrees!

Frankly, I don't care that much what headphones LOOK like (although Grados to me have a striking reselblance to the crystal 'phones from the early days of radio, which were still common among older radio folks when I got into the biz in 1974). And those (crystal 'phones) were among the worst sounding, most uncomfortable devices ever created!
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I like the way my MS II's look and I think they are built just fine for non-professional use. I treat them like I do any other piece of stereo gear, that is with care. That said maybe Grado should listen to Mike Walker about the ear piece rotation. That is my only gripe, the cord twisting. When I want rugged phones I reach for the Sony v6's, the little tanks
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Something I've heard quite often has been grados being "true to function". I believe its possible to be true to function without being outright minimalistic. Because to me, as far as headphones are concerned, their function includes sound AND comfort, being that your wearing the damn things on your head (**** looks, though I personally find it important when going out). With that, I think Grado needs to abandon whatever reasons they have for keeping such horrid designs (though they look the prettyiest of any phone, admittidly) and start scheming ways to make our other senses enjoy them as well.
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You don't sacrifice sound quality when you change the headband...unless they use some kind of special 'sonic' metal.
Sure they are durable(other than the cord-short thing), but they look cheap. I am sick of having friends give me a weird look whenever they find out I paid $300 for "THESE?!".

And if only grado would make a 'streetstyle'' type headphone....gel and headbands don't mix.
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OF COURSE the headband can affect quality!

Geez, if you're going to subscribe to the "high end" philosophy to the extent that you're spending 300 dollars on headphones, at least understand that EVERY material used in the headphones CAN affect sound quality. How? Simple. the driver element is rigidly attached to the earcup housing, right? And the earcup housing is (relatively) rigidly attached to the headband. So when the driver element vibrates, SOME of that vibration is transferred to the driver housing, and some is also transferred to the headband. A portion of the vibration in the headband and driver housing is reflected back to the driver element/housing and "colors" the sound. It's EXACTLY the same principle as with speaker systems, where not just the enclosure, but the stand/floor/etc. affect the sound of a speaker system.

Want to prove/disprove the above? Play loud/bass heavy music through your phones, and FEEL the earcups and headband. They're vibrating, huh? Duh!
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Maybe Jude should start a new forum for headbands. People will start debates on which effects the sound more, the amp, cables, or headband. Everyone will start modding their own out of cloth and goose down for perfect non-distorted sound when listening at volumes that makes their deaf grandmother from across the house turn down her hearing aid. I mean, how can you enjoy the sound of blood bubbling in your ear canal when that damn headband wont stop vibrating!
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Who cares what the headphones look like or what others think of them. If they sound good to you, what does it matter?

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Because some people, including me like to have some friends as well as headphones. And if people think that your just weird or something (because they don't understand or know about headphones) then they will not be friends with you. Some people aren't that judgemental (a have 1 friend that isn't) but most are.
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And if people think that your just weird or something (because they don't understand or know about headphones) then they will not be friends with you
Good. That leaves more time for listening and less time for morons taking up that precious time. If someone judged me by the look of the headphones I wore, I wouldn't want those type of people for friends anyway.
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Beagle: Of course. Peeps who judge others because of physical appearance alone are pretty bad.....well, I mean, judging to a CERTAIN extent is fine....but WHO CARES about how the headphone LOOKS!?

Then again, I would NEVER EVER wear a full-size headphone in public, unless it was a Grado. I somehow love how they look.....especially that stylin 325
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Originally posted by Deuce_Bigalow
Because some people, including me like to have some friends as well as headphones. And if people think that your just weird or something (because they don't understand or know about headphones) then they will not be friends with you. Some people aren't that judgemental (a have 1 friend that isn't) but most are.
I think our definitions of friends is different. I have judgmental acquaintances, but not friends. If they cannot accept me as I am then ... well lets just say life is too short for some compromises.
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Its not that they care how I look in them or anything, its that I want to keep SOME of my dignity, and if you see someone spend $300 on a pen(for example, because to most headphones are just as utilitarian), how much respect do you have for them?

Its not that they look bad, its that people think your an idiot for spending so much on something that looks so cheap.
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wel, here's an easy solution for your problem:

Just don't wear them in public!
Use Sonys or other public-approved phones instead...
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Redwood, that is exactly what I've done. I have Sportapros for listening at home and at school I use my Sony EX70's. The only thing people ever say about them is "Those look cool" or something like that.

It's not just a matter of having friends. When your still 18, your often looking to get laid which isn't possible when you don't have friends. Maybe some ugly chick, but not a really hot one.
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