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egay, heheheh .. my opinion is that your main choices are between the beyer 250-80 and the sony v6. but now that you've mentioned grado, it could be placed in your equation. because of their efficiency and low impendace, it's a plus for you because you'll be using your future cans unamped. they are also great for rock music because of their speed and slam bass. i'd recommend the sr-80s if you're looking into the grado line.
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I've listened to very few headphones in my time, but I also think that the V6/7506 are a good choice for the usual reasons (bass,small size,looks decent, good sensitivity/volume,good detail/low price). I don't think they're very comfortable, but ordering a pair of Beyerdynamic pads for the DT 250 (I think) are said to help. And quite a few people consider them on the bright side, so that may become uncomfortable during long periods of listening.

In spite of all that, I quite like them, and think they're worth the price. I also have the ER-4P right now, but I'm almost certain to return them. They do sound good, and I don't think they have weak bass, but I don't think I like them enough for that price. Since comfort is an issue for you, consider what canal phones will be like--I don't find them comfortable. I haven't been captivated by their sound like others. But, having said that, I should admit that I haven't listened to them a lot, and you may love them. It's primarily a price thing: I don't want to spend that much on any single thing, unless it blows me away, because I don't want to make this a serious hobby.

And the DT 250s can be had for $142.95 at B&H , just fyi.

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My friend and I have decided to build a portable amp (mint style).
We have the tech knowhow and it shouldn't be a problem.

However, now all my phone options have changed.
What do u think now?
Still beyers or sony?

Remember I have to have at least decent to good bass for rock.
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What happened to the Sennheiser HD280's? If memory serves me right, most folks said they sound better than the Sony's (not more bass, but more even sound quality), and they are very similar price wise (in fact, seen quite a few on Ebay going for $69). He might want to check those out as well, and review the threads on that model.
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you're building an amp now falkon72? well in that case, i think the beyers would do more justice to your amp then.
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Yeah thats pretty good since I considered getting the beyers anyway thx.

Any more suggestions are appreciated.
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since you're in lexington, i would think that there's plenty of hi end audio shops in your area. many of these will probably carry hi end headphones. they should be listed in the yellow pages (either audio, h-fi, or home entertainment).
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Originally posted by wallijonn
since you're in lexington, i would think that there's plenty of hi end audio shops in your area. many of these will probably carry hi end headphones. they should be listed in the yellow pages (either audio, h-fi, or home entertainment).
if you have the chance to audition anything, you should do it undoubtedly. hear everything you can, but make sure you don't go beyond your budget or anything that's really high end because you can be hit with the "upgraditis" bug..
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now that I'm building an amp (mint style) should I look into the 250-250?
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Want quality, bass and comfort? That means you want the Beyerdynamic DT-770Pro.

Simple as that.

About 150$ shipped at Meier Audio, less than that on ebay, from time to time.

Good luck!
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so.. what about the 770s?
Anyone else have opinions?
now that I'm building an amp, my current decision is down to 770 and 250-250 and 250-80 unless there are more suggestions.
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The 770s are highly regarded by a lot of people here. People talk about their great, strong bass quite often, but not just that. I think it's considered a really good set of closed 'phones for the price. I just got them for a great price, but I don't have any worthwhile opinions as I don't have an amp yet.

There are plenty of threads discussing it, but I'm too lazy to find them now. A quick search will find them for you.

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the dt-770s are great phones, but i don't think they will fit your portability needs. otoh, if you don't mind lugging them around with you, then why not .
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Jackangel, how can you possibly say, "I don't have any worthwhile opinions as I don't have an amp yet"? (how? easy. you just said it.)

i would think that that is when your opinion is most desired.

if a great set of cans sound great before amplying, and making it sound even better after amplification, wouldn't that be better than a good set of cans sounding better or great after amplification?

there's plenty of people here who are willing to buy $150 phones and are willing to spend $150 for a cable upgrade. if i can get the same sound from your $150 cans without necessitating a cable upgrade - i think you'll be doing a lot of people here a service by presenting them with viable options.

just tell us what you think (without reference to any other headphones or equipment). when you make any negative comments here, they'll be attacked (or probed) by others with the same cans but different equipment. it's the nature of the beast, and i doubt anyone here would have it any other way.

guess polls should be set up for each type of headphone. of course that'll only mean that a 'certain type' of people prefer that sound to another. then the trick will be in finding what group you belong to, the forward, laid back, recessed, neutral or bass group. of course there'll be the transparent and transient groups...

but really, do a search for those phones reviewed and then add your comments to the end. the newest date will post it back on top.
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