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Headphone Advice

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I'm 16 and started researching headphones last year. I'm looking for some good cans for portable and home use (which is basically just portable b/c I don't have a great stereo).
I spend a LOT of time listening to music 3hrs/day (school). I mostly listen to Light Rock, Pop rock, brit pop.
I listen to music lying down on bed or sitting.

I use Iriver IMP-350 Slim-X mp3-cd player (the best one out there)

I was just wonderin if anyone had any suggestions.
I'm probably won't get an amp til I go to college (2 years).
I'm willing to go as high as $200 dollars.

My first priority is quality.
2. Bass
3. portability (I can live with senn 580 size.)
4. Comfort

Heres some of the headphones I've looked into and impressions (downsides) i got from them. Feel free to suggest ones other than these.
Sennheiser 580s (very bulky and kinda expensive)
Grado line (60-225) (low bass response)
AKG 401, 501 (haven't heard much about these)
Etymotic ER-6 (may be uncomfortable)

I just wanna find out the best quality headphones for my style of music and life.
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Seriously consider the Beyer line(for unamped portable use w/ good bass, I hear the DT250-80 is great) , or used Etymotic ER-4p(The ER6 is supposed to be dissappointing).
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the thing is.. I live the middle of nowhere, actually its a normal sized city (lexington,kentucky) and I have no place to try out this stuff so I'm taking it all based on words. I'll look into the Beyers but I have no idea where i could find some used ER-4P or S.
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We have alot of things in common:
1.I am using Iriver slimx too for portable listening.
2.I'm also 16 this year
3.I like bass alot.. just like you do
4. I have only started researching headphones this year. Around the same time as you?

I really like the beyer dt250-80. That can has really good bass.They are also very comfortable, you won't have any problem lying on your bed with it.Plus, it has no problem being driven from the slimx. Although I need to increase the volume till 30/40 to hear the things clearly. I also use "rock" eq, and IMO it gives better high and nicer bass. You might want to audition the beyer dt250-80 first.
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I think you sound like the perfect candidate for either the Sony V6/MDR-7506 (same sound, different models) or, the Beyer DT250-80

I've never heard either, but if you like bass/rock/pop, and want to use them with a portable, either of these would probably be a great choice, but the Beyer will definitely sound better if you add an amp.

If I were you, I would probably get the Sony V6 (NOT V600!!!) at around $70 and save your money. Enjoy the hell out of the V6 and save up for a really nice amp and then you can move up to some $200+ headphones.

Of course, this is Head-fi, so if you want the best sound, the Beyer DT250-80 will sound better than the Sony V6, just maybe not ~$100 better. Most people will probably recommend the Beyer, that's why our standard greeting is "Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet!" That greeting should now be followed with a link to this thread: http://www4.head-fi.org/forums/showt...threadid=19310
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Hello everyone, nice forums you guys got going here

I recently purchased a iPod (10 GB), and I’m really looking forward to getting some new headphones. The iPod already comes with good earbuds so what I'm really looking for are some headphones that will fit comfortably around my ears.

Like falkon, I'm into headphones that will give me good bass and at the same time retain good music quality. The Beyer 250-80 and the Sony V6, both seem to be really good headphones. Each go about $99 dollars on eBay and before I purchase one of these headphones, can someone tell me the difference between the Sony V6 and the Sony MDR-V700 headphones?
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The V6 and the Beyer DT250-80 should not be anywhere close to the same price anywhere. The V6 is about $70 new and the Beyer is $170 new. The Beyer sounds better than the V6, but maybe not $100 better without at least adding a good amp.

can someone tell me the difference between the Sony V6 and the Sony MDR-V700 headphones?
The V700 and V600 are overpriced trash that sound bad. The V6 sounds good.
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before you ask more about the sony 700 crapphones and hell breaks loose, just search this forum. you can find a number of threads ..
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What about the Koss portapro, wouldn't that do the job pretty well?

Other than that, I agree with the DT250-80 recommendations.
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Ok the Beyers are out b/c of the price unless someone says theres a big difference between them and the sony v6.
What about the Etymotic 6, grados, and senn?

And also, is there a listing of stores in the US where I could try some of these out?
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some things to consdier (and possibly narrow your choices?)

- both the senn 580 and the grado line you mentioned are open headphones. this means you will hear the outside world, and the outside world will hear you.

- the ety er6 is *very* closed. you will not hear the outside world. this can be dangerous in cerain situations, or this could be very beneficial in others. if you are considering the er6, i would ask you to reconsider and think about the er4. your budget is $200, a used pair of er4 will be in that range. you can look on ebay or something like that for used er4. also, even if new, you can find er4 somewhere in the range of $220-$260, i believe, and not have to worry about upgrade-itis for awhile. personally, i wouldn't want canalphones as my best and only cans, but that's just me. i don't like being isolated quite that much in most situations.

-the akg 501 you mentioned require a bit of power (120 ohms of resistance) to be driven properly. the senn 580 also require a bit of power (300 ohms) to be driven well. if you don't want an amp for two years, then the true potential of these might be missed for two years. if you can live with that, fine.

-the grados require very little power, and will be driven nicely by most sources. i have not heard of there being a lack of bass persay, but they do tend towards the "bright" side of the sound spectrum. they are supposed to be really well suited for rock music. if going the grado route, i would suggest the sr-225 (if you find a good deal or can shell it out).

-when all is said and done, i would actually just go with the sony mdr-v6. it is easily driven, sounds good, have good bass, have isolation but not TOO much isolation, and is pretty cheap. . these will satisfy you until you have enough money or the obssessive compulsion to blow more money on headphones or headphone related equipment. you will also have a satisfaction in having a pair of headphones, and then can research more about headphones and find out what you really really want (maybe taking some time and auditioning some cans).
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ok I've eliminated everything except the ER-4P and the Sony V6

I can get the Etymotics for $250 from ebay shipped and the V6s for around 70.

I LOVE how small etymotics are and I LOVE the great isolation but the only question is "Is the sound quality difference good enough to spend an extra $130?(I'd spend an extra $50 dollars for etymotics for size and isolation)"

Also it raises the question for ER-6. Like I said for the isolation.
If the quality of Sonys and ER6s are the same, I'd get the etymotics for $130 off ebay.
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The ER-6's are very different form the Sony V6. ER-6 have a very clear sound with a super tight bass. I think the ER-6's bass is subdued and very tight. According to other head-fiers, the ER-4's have a much better bass response. The Sony V6 has the typical sony sound to them, except a little more neutral compared to most of the other sony heapdhones.

If you need something you can put or remove from your head quickly, I would go for the Sony V6. And you won't need an amp to drive the sony V6 (you can save more money).

The ER-6 are literally like ear plugs. They take awhile to install and remove. This gets really annoying when people need to talk to you on and off in a short amount of time.

If you are still interested in open headphones, you might want to look into Grados again. Grados SR125 or the Grados 225 might fit your bill. Again, their simple design makes them easy to take on and off.
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Open/closed doesn't matter to me except in sound tone so..
What do you think of Grados on moody, slow rock?
And which model do you prefer?
How do they compare to the Sony V6?
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I can get the Etymotics for $250 from ebay shipped and the V6s for around 70.
Screw Egay, buy them new for $275 from www.headphone.com. Then at least you will have 30 days to audition them and make sure they are for you.

I still say go with the Sony V6. If you get the Etys, you are going to be hooked and spend a hell of a lot more money.
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