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audioreview.com reviews Sony V6

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Read some of these incompetent people comparing the Sony MDR-V6 to the V600:

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I've been down that road. This (may be) a bit of a long story, and likely to get me toasted a bit - but let me have my say, it's for your own good. There's a lesson in here. The reason I'd been through Audioreviews' polls of the V6s, is because I've had a pair sitting in a closet since 1986. I actually hate those bastards (the V6s). Yes, I know some people worship them (acidtrip) but those little cans cost me my ears for 14 years. I used to be in a garage band and one night 14 years back we cut what I thought was an awesome track. Drunk (naturally, it was a garage band) I had to listen to that damn track over and over until I started feeling little stabs of pain. Drunk and in my indestructable mid-20s, I keep blasting those V6s. Went to bed with my ears a little "buzzing" and woke up to a six-day ear ache. Every have a good ear ache? Try it for six days? I finally realized I had screwed up and went to the doctor, who sent me to an ear specialist. Well, there ain't a lot they can do once you're ****ed. Plain and simple. My ear were so sensitive its was painful to put a telephone reciever to my ear and have a normal conversation for two months. And it didn't end. I couldn't enjoy the movies for about 7 years because the volume was too loud (thanx THX test). That really was awful. But I should consider myself lucky that I never developed tintinitus (sp). Can you imagine the horror of that? A constant ringing, buzzing? I could listen to a stereo at pretty good volume, but headphones? Forget it. Instant stabbing pain with any high frequency, even at a low volume. The end to the story? Actually a happy one. I'm addicted to this site, am I not? Finally in the year 2001, I discovered I could wear headphones and bliss was mine again - if I'm careful. My ears get "tired" very easily with high frequencies. After a few hours the pain starts. It's the same kind of pain like someone has been punching your arm repeatedly, its a small, dull throb. And if I'm not careful and stop then, I can feel my ear "clogged-deafened" for a day or two. (I've smartly only let that happen ONCE since I started back on headphones.) So why was I reading at audioreview about the headphones that did me in? (Grant it was my own damn fault) I just wanted to know what people thought of their treble. I was just amazed to see how may people still idolise them. After getting my HD600s I threw those bastards in the garbage. The Senns are the most tolerable phones I have discovered since I began listening through cans again.(I went through a bunch of earbuds. Sony ex70s? Like a dentist drill in my ear. They were given away to a co-worker. E888 are fine, love em.) Just out of interest I had put those V6s on again - pain. They may sound great to some, but they are just too bright for me anymore. After hearing the Senns I knew I'd never strap those V6s to my head again. So, anyway. This has been my little diatribe. You younger guys, be freakin' careful! If YOU EVER feel stabs of pain, get those headphones off! Take care cranking them unless you don't want to ever put another pair of headphones on again. It took my ears 14 years to recover from one drunken night's sonic debauchery. Want that to happen to you? I doubt it. Cheers.
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thank god you can wear cans now....imagine if you had it worse off! !!!!
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Yeah, Cool, like I said, I was lucky I didn't get titinitus.
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Ya I can understand how they'd be bad for you then, although I've never heard either the V6's or the Senn's. I'm just going by peoples opinions of them. My complaint was that there are people on audioreview saying that the V6's don't have enough bass! and thats why they say the v600's are better when they really aren't. You'd probably prefer them over the v6 because the muddy sound wouldn't hurt your ears as much but you were smart enough to get Senn's so that solved your problem.

And another comment, I guess it isn't a good idea to listen to headphones when your drunk, since painful things you would normally stay away from become more tolerable when your good and drunk. So I can see how that could happen to you. Thanks for the warning, hopefully that won't happen to anyone else.
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heh heh, scroll down a little more than half-way down the reviews, and you'll see mine (mark w from seattle). this was ages before i discovered head-fi. of course i gave the v6 a thumbs up! I'M EVERYWHERE! BWAAHAAAAHHAAAAAAHAAAAAA!
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redshifter, and even before you discovered HeadWizeFi, you also posted positive reviews on the Sony MDR-E848LP earbuds on both AudioREVIEW and on Epinions! I read both of those reviews! And also, you dissed Sony's vertical earbuds, with their thick boomy bass and thin lifeless mids and highs. I dis them also, but didn't rate them quite as low as you did. Still, two stars is still thumbs down - and read my two-star review of the Sony MDR-A44L V.I.T.E. headphones on Epinions, in which I wrote that review not just on that particular model, but on all of the Sony V.I.T.E. headphones with the same 16mm drivers (MDR-A30G, MDR-A34L and MDR-W20G).
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ah, a fan!

hi eagle_driver,
i'm really enjoying those cd1700. maybe you could tell? I plan on getting the e888 soon, and may have to revise my e848 reviews, although i still think the e848 is a nice little bud with the right foam pads.
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Chadbang, given your condition, I can see why you would feel that way. However, keep in mind that that doesn't mean the V6 are bad. I have "over-sensitive" ears -- meaning that at certain times high frequencies can grate on me (luckily not all the time). That means that sometimes I can't listen to the V6 -- or Grado's for that matter. I think one reason you like the HD600s so much are because they are a bit laid back in the treble, while is kind of "soothing" to your ears.
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I didn't mean to disbarage the V6s as headphones, just that I have a personal grudge against them - like you might feel about a lawnmower that took off your right little toe: You never want to get behind it again.
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LOL! OK, I get it now
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Any headphones are quite capable of damaging hearing if you don't watch the volume!

When I worked in a radio station every day, I put a greas pencil mark on the volume control of the headphone amp, and NEVER advanced the volume past that point. It's SO easy when listening for hours at a stretch to gradually boost the volume over time, to get back the "impact" you heard a while ago. And this is a HORRIBLE thing to do!

The headphone amp I use now in my studio has a digital readout, and I ALWAYS set the volume at EXACTLY the same level, and NEVER increase beyond that point. We only get one set of ears, guys!
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And another thing...

Frankly there's nothing I care about less when selecting a product for my own use than the ramblings of un-trained, non-professional listeners. Without fail they've heard too few products, under such inconsistent circumstances, with too little idea of what to listen FOR to have any opinion of value AT ALL to me!

As for what everybody else thinks of what I listen to, I couldn't conceivably care less. The ONLY person on earth I care about pleasing (with my audio equipment) is ME! I have found that when I mix so that my work sounds good TO ME, on equipment that I believe to be accurate, it also pleases my clients. So I simply go for what sounds good TO ME. And I've never missed a meal, nor lost a client because of it!
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one thing i hate about review sites it everything is either ***** five stars better than sex!!!! or * one star i wouldn't let my dog listen to it. come on! five stars means it its catagory it IS better than sex, which VERY few headphones are (hd600, cd1700, r-10)

as for volumes my cd1700 have such a silky quality to the sound i find myself turning them up and up over time, because i want MORE of it. i have to make myself turn it back down because they don't hurt at high volumes.
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Now I'm just scared to put my V6's on. damn you
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