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I don't know why I pick oldies for road music but how about some CCR?
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you might try driving to AC\DC, I'd suggest "Back in Black" as a good starting point. GNR sissy stuff
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I like AC/DC too, Back in Black is a great album. But calling GnR sissy stuff is just asking for trouble, you wanna take it outside?
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Xevion, why do you think S & M was poorly done? Michael Kamen's arranging for that project had the orchestra doing a lot more than simply mimicing melodies and rhythms. He has them fill in the music with parts that fit.
Quite frankly, I don't know why. The best song on there by far is the Call of Ktulu (Which was done perfectly btw, I love that track), I just find the rest of it lacking in something. It just dosen't sound right. A lot of it is that I don't like some of the original music too, but even for the songs I like, they just don't sound right to me.

And I listen to some music that combines metal and has an orchestral flair, with operatic vocals and the whole bit, and it just sounds more cohesive I guess. (Try Therion, Rhapsody if you want to hear something like that)

LTE is Liquid Tension Experiment, it is an insturmental prog rock group consisting of John Pertucci, Portnoy, and Rudess from Dream Theater and Tony Levin from King Crimson. It is truly amazing music. 1 and 2 are the albums .

I should have clarified a bit why I didn't like S&M, it isn't that I dislike the whole thing but only really enjoy one song off it.
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For a road-trip you want something that you can listen straight through without having to shuffle discs around -- so here are two:

Radiohead - O.K. Computer
Tool - Lateralus
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No question for me
- WHO'S NEXT - "Goin' Mobile"
Makes most 5 hour trips only 40 minutes or so when you get your foot movin' to the beat.
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Hahaha! LOL!

I think most music will make road trips shorter when you get your right foot tapping to the music...especially with lyrics like "Watch the police and the tax man miss me" :-)
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I first wnated to put S&M on that list too, but I usually only listen to the first three songs (Ecstacy of Gold, Call of Ktulu (that one's a masterpiece) and Master of Puppets).
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A few additions to the list

Good point Neil (about not wanting to chang CDs), however, I will be fortunate enough to have a lovely lady to act as my navigator/DJ and she also has much better taste in music than my girlfriend's liking of Madonna, Madonna, Madonna (who says that she can't hear any difference when her dad plays music on his B&W 802s than on any other soundsystem, but anyway...).

Since I first started this thread, I have spent quite a bit of time and money at Circuit City and Barnes and Noble. I recommend Circuit City for cheap CDs, all of their top 40 CDs are $12 all the time (although then again, how many of the people in this forum actually listen to top 40 cds).

My recent additions, which have not yet been listen to thoroughly, and will be put to the test when I leave for Boston in 12 hours include:
Beatles - One
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Staind - Break the Cycle
Moby - Play (excellent CD from just listening to the 1st 5 tracks)
The Fast and the Furious Soundtrack (just thinking about this movie will get you pumped up to drive...FAST)
ummm... I think the title goes something like "The Music of John Williams 1969-1999" (great double CD, it includes the theme songs from like every movie he's ever done like ET, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jaws, etc. I think it will be great to study to when I get back to school in the fall)
Oh, and how could I possibly forget the Gladiator Soundtrack?

So, any comments on any of these or new suggestions? Thank you everyone for reminding me to bring my G 'N R and AC/DC.
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try out Magnetic Fields "Charm of the Highway strip" it's about driving, so it's rather appropriate. Very good, very magical sounding depressing pop. My ex's fave CD. not exactly my cup of tea, i personally like to listen to oldies and old school hardcore when road tripping.
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How about a little Steppenwolf? Their all time greatest hits album is a great place to start, 75 mins of great music, and IMO a road trip just isn't right without a playing of "Born to be Wild" somewhere along the way.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd!!

although Fu Manchu works pretty good too...
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kayruzin brahhhh,

Los Straightjackets
Digable Planets
Dilated Peoples
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