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I know this is a little off topic since I obviously won't be listening to headphones while driving, but since this is the Music forum, it seemed appropriate.

I'm driving up to Boston for the 4th of July, and we all know there are few things better than driving with the windows (or top if we're lucky) down and music on, and I was curious what you like to listen to in the car.

It's a 5 hour drive from Philly to Boston, so here's what I think I'm going to bring with me:

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
Metallica - S & M (Metallica playing with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra)
Carl Orff - Carmina Burana
Hans Zimmer - Gladiator Soundtrack (thanks to Jude)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
George Thorogood - Greatest Hits
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well, I don't have a car (or a drivers-license for that matter ), but I would bring, for a 5 hour drive on my bike (yeah, like thats gonna happen )

Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien
IQ- Subterranea
Dream Thater- Scenes From A Memory
Marillion - Anoraknophobia
Arena - Pride
Bozzio Levin Stevens - Situation Dangerous
Liquid Tension Experiment 2

damn, that doesn't fit in 5 hours.....whatever, just drive around a bit till you're through the discs
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Dream Thater- Scenes From A Memory
I would disagree with this choice. I don't know why. Well, maybe I do. I went on a 4 hour trip to Vermont recently, and I had this disc in for about an hour. By the end of it I was experiencing a weird fautigue from it. I can't exlain it. I LOVE the CD, but it just wasn't right for driving. That said, Images and Words is much better for the purpose.

A personal favorite of mine for driving is VNV Nation - Empires. Simple music that won't distract you, but has interesting lyrics, and a driving beat.

Also try Dali's Delimma - Manifesto for Futurism

S&M by Metallica is borderline, it was poorly done IMO.

Aphex Twin - Analog bubblebath

I don't like to listen to classical music on the road too much, but Apocalyptica is pretty good, but there are some songs that are just way too harsh for 4 cellos to do, which they did anyway.
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LTE1 and 2 are MUST BUYS! They are incredible. Wonderful for trips in the car too.
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Why do you say that S & M was poorly done?

Xevion, why do you think S & M was poorly done? Michael Kamen's arranging for that project had the orchestra doing a lot more than simply mimicing melodies and rhythms. He has them fill in the music with parts that fit. I just got the DVD mailed to me from netflix.com and you can select different audio tracks to listen to just Metallica or just the orchestra, and the orchestra parts alone could probably stand up on their own as probably a movie soundtrack or something. But when you put them together, they just sound so powerful, I have a little trouble going back to the original versions of some of those songs like Call of the Ktulu because with just Metallica, they sound a little thin.

But aside from my opinions Thank you for the road trip suggestions, I think I'll try to find some as MP3s so I can pick one to buy before my trip.

Excuse my ignorance, but what are LTE1 and 2?
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grrr223 - you aren't the only ignorant one around here....
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I'm guessing its Bravers pick: liquid tension experiment (1 & 2).

I don't know about "driving to Boston" music but "driving around in ol' Canada" music would consist of early Tragically Hip IMHO.
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No Guns and Roses?

Use your Illusion 1 and 2 work well in the car... Primus' Antipop rocks in the car too.
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Now, this song isn't reely one that i like, nor is it even a genre that i especially enjoy, but it seems to fit the thread topic well enough :

Open Road Song (Eve 6)
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Joe, you're a lifesaver

See, this is what these forums and this thread are all about, friends helping friends

Guns are roses are an excellent choice, I think I'll pick up Use Your Illusion II, since I only have I. They're beginning to recognize me at Barnes and Noble now since I bought the Gladiator soundtrack last night on Jude's suggestion.

Hmmmm, maybe Use your Illusion I for the trip up and II for the trip back, looks like I need a few more CDs for the trip home. This is great.
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don't let that blue smoke escape from any of your electronic devices... it's the magic, you see...

Nah, lighten up a bit... it's 4th of July weekend road trip! Along those same lines/era, chuck in some low fi party rock.. Van Halen, Boston (heh) even some Kix. Windows down, singing along way off key and laughing... scare the kids.
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Here's an obvious one: Freeway Jam from Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow. The whole album is pretty good road music.
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Van Halen (only the early cuts with D.E.Roth) is GREAT driving music (car or bike) but it makes me drive way too fast man !

no probs if a passenger ,though you may get the itch to drive

For the "backseat" I would tone down to some Little Feat,Steely Dan , Claptons EC Was Here , and maybe some" blue eyed soul" such as Hall and Oates,crosby,stills and nash would fit too

that way I could enjoy the ride and look out the window without getting all tense
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eve6's song isnt too bad. what about "hot rod lincoln" by (i believe) Charlie Ryan? im not sure if its by him...
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joe: YES! Guns n' Roses are the best for driving. I just bring the Illusions and Appetite, they make driving a pleasure. Totally amazing albums overall too, not just for the road.
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